Being successful usually equals being a mentally strong person. Successful people have a specific way of thinking, which helps them to be more effective and productive than other people. Another factor, which makes mentally strong people stand out from the crowd are their healthy habits.

There is a simple rule which says that if you want to be as successful as others that you admire, get to know what they do, learn what habits they have and how they manage everything in their everyday life.

However, copying healthy habits of mentally strong people is still not a sure-fire method to be successful and if you want to succeed in something, you also need to know what strong people don’t like to practice in their life.

Check out our list of things which people with strong minds simply don’t do.

1. They don’t feel sorry for themselves

Mentally strong people consider wallowing in self-pity a complete waste of time. Complaining about the unfairness of circumstances is something that strong people don’t do. They take a full responsibility for their actions and concentrate on how to overcome obstacles.

2. They don’t feel afraid of change

Mentally strong people do not try to avoid change at all cost. Vice versa, they welcome everything new which comes into their lives and take everything as a huge opportunity. They wisely and realistically understand that change is an integral part of our lives. Ability to adapt and flexibility are the traits which help successful people be who they are.

3. They don’t allow others to take control over them

A strong person makes sure that other people do not dictate to them what to do and what not to do. In particular, it concerns emotions and the control which they can have on a person’s behavior. Making someone responsible for your own feelings is not the way for strong-minded people since only they decide how to respond.

4. They don’t try to please everyone

Mentally strong people do not waste their time and life energy to please everyone around them. They understand that it is impossible to make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. It is better to concentrate on things which are more important and, at some point, just to say “No” to somebody even if this upsets another person.

5. They don’t shy away from taking risks

The ability to take a risk is something that distinguishes a strong-minded person from those who are less successful. Obviously, for the success of any venture, the risk must be calculated and definitely not foolish. Successful people know that safety is not the way to the top.

6. They don’t let the past hold them back

A mentally strong person does not allow past events to dictate how the future should be formed. They realize that things of the past already took place and that they cannot be changed. Instead of dwelling on bad experiences, they make an accent on the present and use their energy to create a more positive future.

7. They don’t get envious of other people’s successes

Mentally strong people are able to celebrate someone else’s success. That is pretty hard for many people, but this is what comes easy for the strong-minded. They do not allow themselves to wallow in destructive and ineffective negativity which can only hinder their own success.

8. They don’t give up easily

A strong person understands that making mistakes is a good thing which is always a great opportunity to improve. In fact, they see failure as a way up so they take any mistake as a unique chance to learn and grow. Giving up after the first failure is not about such people.

Everyone has a great potential to be successful and knowing what mentally strong people do as well as what they don’t do can help you succeed. Obviously, this can happen only if you actively practice these habits and incorporate them into your everyday life.

If you reached the end of this article, it means that you are serious about transforming your life for the better. You are on a right path in your search for the right knowledge for creating a better future for yourself. Good luck!

About the author: My name is Jennifer Pauli. I graduated from Corvinus School of Management and gained MBA degree there and finished the faculty of Journalism at Corvinus University of Budapest. Currently, I’m an editor, business writer, and copywriter, working with and other well-known companies, blogs, and personalities. Follow me at Twitter and G+ and read me personal Blogspot