The struggle for eye infections starts right from childhood. If these small infections are left untreated, they can give rise to severe consequences that may create trouble for you later on. In the early stage, these infections are easy to prevent and treat so that those grave outcomes can be avoided. Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care experts have been dealing with these issues regularly. Thus, they suggest some tips about these common infections and how to avoid them. Some common eye infections are: –

  • Sties- Sty is a common issue observed in children. It occurs due to the build-up of bacteria in your glands. It represents a zit or pimple-like swelling on the outer lining of your eyelid, that is painful and inflamed. These are often tender and appear larger than they are and can cause your eyes to water consistently. Do not pop the sty as this can aggravate the problem. Instead, you can use the warm compress on your swelling to manage your status and alleviate the pain. 
  • Conjunctivitis- Conjunctivitis is the infection of the inner lining of your eye or conjunctiva due to the presence of bacteria or viruses. It is also known as pink eye and often results in swelling of your eyes with mucus, and watering that can make your eyes red and inflamed. This is a painful situation that is highly contagious, and therefore, it is recommended to visit your eye doctor. It can be painful and itchy as well; thus, make sure that you avoid going out of your house so that infection can be limited.
  • Blepharitis- Blepharitis occurs due to exposure to bacteria on your eyes. This is the constant sensation of something stuck in your eyes, with redness, itchiness, and blurred vision. Leaving your makeup overnight or sharing the infectious products and exposure to contaminated discharge from the eyes can result in this infection.

Some common tips on avoiding these eye infections: –

Eye infections can be prevented easily by employing some healthy hygiene habits in your lifestyle. These habits will reduce the chance of getting bacteria, fungi, and viruses to your eyes. These are some of the simple tips to prevent these infections: –

  1. Always wash your hands before you touch your eyes. Hands are contaminated from several pathogens, and when you touch your face and eyes, they get transferred to your eyes and cause infections.
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes whenever irritants get stuck. Excessive rubbing can irritate your conjunctiva and even cause injury if you have sharp nails or permanent damage. 
  3. Avoid sharing your cosmetic products with others. Often, people having eye infections can transfer these pathogens to your eyes.
  4. If you have an eye infection that is repeatedly happening, your makeup products can be the underlying cause of this. Consider replacing your make up products with a new one and give attention to the label. You might be using the products that can initiate the allergic reaction within your eyes.
  5. Remove your makeup before you sleep. No trace of makeup should be left in your eyes that can lead to allergies.
  6. Avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals, fumes, and other irritants. This is of particular importance if you are at risk of an occupational hazard. With that in mind, it is recommended to wear safety gear while working.
  7. Keep your contact lenses and case clean as per the physician’s instructions. Also, avoid wearing your contacts overnight. You should not wear them for more than three months or as directed by your eye care expert.
  8. Do not share your towels and personal belongings with anyone as you can spread the infection or get one.

Implement these habits in your lifestyle and teach everyone to follow them too. Pay attention to the standard measures of hygiene taken by your children as they at risk of getting more infections. Plan your appointment with your eye professional periodically so that these can be treated in the early stage itself. If your symptoms persist for long, take advice from the experts and use the recommended medications to treat your ailment at the earliest.