Long gone are the days of endless miles on a treadmill in a dark and dingy gym. There’s now plenty of alternative and unusual ways to exercise, and better more, there’s actually some ways which are, believe it or not, actually quite fun!

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring. And more importantly, it should never be the part of your daily routine that you dread. If you’re spending your day procrastinating telling yourself you’ll hit the gym later on, chances are you’re not exercising right.

So, here’s 8 unusual ways to exercise and have fun at the same time. 

1. Climb and Zipline at an Adventure Park

Get yourself to an aerial adventure park to climb, zipline, and soar above the trees. Fasten up your harnesses and take to the skies by booking a session at your local park. It’s a full-on workout that’s disguised as adventurous fun. You’ll be strengthening your muscles and improving your cardio fitness too.

2. Dance Your Cares Away

Is there an activity more freeing than dancing like no one in the world is watching? Well, dancing in your bedroom can burn a lot more calories than you think. Put on your favourite music (preferably something upbeat) and dance until your heart’s pumping and your mood’s elevated.

3. Try Out Rock Climbing

Another total body workout is rock climbing. This one might not be for you if you’re scared of heights, but conquering your fears is a mental workout with a payoff that’s worth it too. So get yourself down to a local rock climbing facility if you’re up for the challenge. 

4. Take To The Ski Slopes

Exercising in the great outdoors doesn’t just mean a brisk run around the local park. Why not take to the snowy slopes and ski or snowboard your way down the mountains? Just make sure you choose a slope that’s right for your experience level, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert. 

5. Ride a Horse

If you’re a horse lover, taking a horse-back ride through the country can be both therapeutic and fantastic for your fitness. Not only is being around animals thought to reduce stress, but horseback riding is also great for working your core strength and leg muscles.

6. Jump For Joy on a Trampoline 

Jumping joyously on a trampoline was always one of the most exciting pastimes as an energy-filled kid. So why not relive past childhood memories by heading to your local trampoline park? You could even invest in your own backyard trampoline! 

7. Learn Self Defense With Martial Arts

Everyone should know how to physically defend themselves, and learning martial arts is the perfect way to train and discipline your mind, body, and soul. Plus, martial arts is thought to be wonderfully beneficial for fighting anxiety and depression. 

8. Lead Your Partner To the Bedroom…

Lastly, remember that you can always get in your daily exercise by working out between the sheets. And what’s more fun than leading your partner to the bedroom for some full-body pumping action? In fact, sex burns plenty of your daily calories if you’re doing it right and doing it for longer…