There are both simple and effective tips to lose fat and gain lean muscle. What’s not-so-simple about them is following them without a day’s break. You want to lose fat naturally, but did you know these tips do more than lose fat and burn calories?

The following tips have massive health benefits! They improve heart health, lower chances of diabetes. And improve the overall quality of life. So if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression. Chances are these effective tips to lose fat will get your endorphins going!

These 9 effective tips to lose fat can be downright powerful for you. Each tip is backed by science and is 100% natural. So you don’t have to rely on the best shapewear for muffin top anymore! You can keep that aside to live your best life. Stay fit and healthy. How does that sound?

Don’t believe me? Let’s find out how!


There’s a way to make drinking water work for you. For example, studies suggest that drinking one full glass of water before meals are good for weight loss. Water keeps your body hydrated. And it’s the only calorie-free drink to consume.

The thing about drinking a glass of water before meals is this. In one study, drinking at least 2 cups of water is good. It gets your stomach ready for food. While reducing your appetite for larger meals!

When you substitute water for sugary drinks or soda, it reduces cravings too.

On top of everything, bell fat is visceral fat on the abdominal lining. It can impact your endocrine, heart, and colorectal system. Drinking water also reduces inflammation from high-fat diets.


Even if you’re consuming plenty of water daily, you need to get rid of drinks loaded with sugar. Sugar added in any drink is a bad idea. It not only affects metabolism, but it also turns directly into fat. The human does not metabolize sugar. Not at least the added sugar in sweetened drinks.

Sugar contains fructose and glucose in equal amounts. Out of which fructose is hard to digest while glucose turns into energy.  Fructose, when it reaches the liver, turns into body fat.

This can cause insulin resistance and metabolic imbalance. Both of which are significant contributors to fat.

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Choose low-calorie and fat-burning fruits and veggies. Foods like banana, spinach, avocado, and berries are good for weight loss. Breakfast smoothies force your body to absorb all the nutrients from the ingredients. You can also use special fat-burner ingredients such as coconut oil.

So you avoid consuming foods that cause bloating and make you feel too full. Nobody wants to feel stuffy before starting work! And a good healthy breakfast smoothie will help you balance your digestion. And of course, it can really help you lose weight.

One of the best ways to lose fat is to sip it away. You get to alter your diet a bit more delicatedly. And your body absorbs all the essential nutrients of the day first thing! No deficiencies and no weight gain.

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Adding protein to your diet is a good way to lose fat. Proteins make up what your organs, tissue, and muscles are made of. So it’s only natural to boost your protein intake to lose fat. A good protein boost would be starting your day with a smoothie with whey protein.

Whey protein is a good appetite-killer as it makes you feel full for longer. This strategy is directly linked to weight loss; more specifically to losing fat.


Intermittent fasting is when you abstain from eating food for a few hours. You need to follow these cycles for a brief period of time to lose fat. It also has cholesterol-lowering and blood pressure-stabilizing benefits.

Here’s how intermittent fasting works for weight loss. There are three different kinds of fasting diets. Where you do time-restricted fast in which you do not consume any food for a set number of hours. The others are alternate-day fasting and whole-day fasting.


You probably didn’t know this! But working out on an empty stomach can aid weight loss. It’s one of the best effective tips for losing fat.

Your body goes through two phases post eating. The fed and fasted states! The fed state constitutes the six hours after you’ve eaten your meal. And the fasted state is after the six hours have elapsed. In the fasted state, your body uses glucose for energy and to maintain BP.

Simply put, your body burns fat to convert into energy. This theory fits in perfectly with studies that demonstrate how exercising in fasted states is beneficial.


While it’s important to exercise regularly, focus on abdominal workouts. When you target your core, it boosts weight loss in the abdominal region.

It’s best to do 3-4 ab workouts weekly to lose fat. Here are some of the best ab exercises to look forward to:

  • Planks – Side planks
  • Reverse crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Leg raises
  • The V-up

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HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s one of the most effective tips to lose fat. But it also improves overall cardiovascular health. And works all muscles of the body for sculpting!

HIIT workouts are exhausting and challenging, especially for beginners. So they must be done once or twice a week. You can combine this workout routine with the previous tip. You’ve got yourself the best solution to losing fat naturally!

Athletes perform HIIT workouts to build stamina and sculpt the body. It can be a short training session for the less than 30. Where you use up most of your body’s strength in the first 15-20 minutes!


Did you know hormones can directly affect your amount of body fat? If you’re gaining fat, one of the reasons for it can be hormonal imbalance. Stress hormones in the body, such as cortisol, can increase visceral fat.

It also slows down metabolism without you even noticing. So what’s the best remedy to boost hormonal health?

Indulge in activities that reduce stress such as yoga and meditation. Go on a low-carb diet or switch to healthy fats for energy. Increase your vitamin D and probiotics intake for better metabolism. All these effective tips to lose fat can go a long way!

Final Note

The best advice for anyone wanting to lose fat is to improve diet and boost lifestyle. This suggestion can be broken down into a few effective tips to lose fat. And that’s precisely what I’ve done for you!

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