As a professional, it is normal to get on with your daily work activity. The goal is to earn a living. However, do you care enough about your fitness life? If you used to be nonchalant about it, now is a good time to reconsider. It does not only apply to white-collar professionals, but personal trainers are also included.

Honestly, it isn’t easy making money and hitting the gym all in the name of keeping fit. Most gym activities are early in the morning and evenings.

Professionals cannot find such a schedule convenient because they prepare for their daily activities in the morning. This is why a corporate personal trainer salary is always rising.

Even personal trainers are not excluded. They are so focused on ensuring their clients achieve their fitness goals. It is why we have taken it upon ourselves to offer solutions to your workout problems without even hitting the gym.

Good news, yeah? We thought so too.

It is okay to have a busy schedule. You should secure the bag as much as possible, but you cannot afford to neglect your physical fitness. Therefore, we have decided to list 9 ways you can get fit or maintain your fitness without going to a gym.

Walk as much as you can

We understand that following a fitness training schedule might be hectic for you. However, you can talk long walks as much as you can. Walking is underrated. It is therapeutic, but many people do not know that.

If you’re looking to grabbing some snacks? Walk to the stall. Want to see some people down the road? Take a walk. You can even walk around while making long calls. Whatever you’re doing, keep walking.

Walking can provide your body with balance and strengthen your bones.

Avoid the elevator

It is common for professionals to have their office space situated on the top floors. Such buildings usually have elevators installed in them. Therefore, many people opt for elevators. However, for fitness sake, avoid using elevators and take the stairs.

To make it more fun, you can run on the stairs till you get to your floor (unless you’re carrying heavy bags). Using stairs instead of elevators comes in highly recommended because you can burn few calories on them.

Buy mini ellipticals

When you walk into a gym, do you see a gigantic machine on which people do armrests and back exercises on them? If that’s confusing, machines people run on like a bicycle are remarkably noticeable. They’re ellipticals.

Fortunately, there are mini versions of these ellipticals. What’s more, you can use them in the comfort of your office. All you have to do is place them under your desk and wheel away while cataloguing those files or inputting transactions electronically. They are noiseless and do not distract you.

Various mini ellipticals exist. You must compare and contrast before making a purchase. Some of them even come with heart rate monitors and speed/workout counter. Also, they have tension controls that determine the intensity of your workout. What’s more to ask for?

Watch video tutorials

If you cannot hit the gym, various videos on the internet focus on keeping fit in the comfort of your home. Celebrity fitness trainers abound. What’s the best way to promote their services if not through videos? You can check their videos out on YouTube. Also, some of them sell DVDs that contain fitness sessions.

Whatever intensity you’re looking for, you’ll find your choice.

 Sleep well

Sleep is underrated. After a busy day, what your body needs is rest. There is no better way to get the desired rest than to sleep. Sleeping is therapeutic. It restores your energy level to the fullest, enhances your creativity and productivity as well as boosts your ability to make decisions.

For adults, we recommend that you sleep for 7 hours. You should do away with your devices early enough if you have to wake up early the next day. Sleep smart, keep fit.


You might not know it, but multitasking means that you have to exert your energy on various things. Try punching some data into a spreadsheet, and at the same time, you’re holding a walking meeting. Notice that anyone who does that will be flexing both the hands and feet.

That way, you can create a balance in various body parts.

Eat healthily

Certain professions limit people’s movements. For example, a writer can stay rooted to the PC all day except for tea breaks or short stretches. For such people and every other person, it is important to eat healthy food. Ensure you do not consume lots of junks. They’re generally unhealthy.

Also, you can consume foods that are rich in proteins. They’re bodybuilders. Avoid foods that contain lots of cholesterol. They’re not good for the body. Also, do not consume meals late at night. You’ll be vulnerable to indigestion, and that can lead to ill-health.

Sign up for a sports club

 You can consolidate on your interest in certain sports and sign up as a member of sports clubs. If your interest is lawn tennis, you can play tennis at least twice a week. Sports club are available almost everywhere. Therefore, you have no tangible excuse not to join any.

Engaging in sporting activities will ensure that you burn calories, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health.

Do household chores

Engaging in household activities is a great way to keep fit. First, most of them require that you stand. It’s what you need. An example is dishwashing. Except you’re extremely lazy, you have no business doing dishes while sitting. Also, you can prune the weed in your garden or even water your flowers.

As a busy professional or personal trainer, you do not have any excuse not to keep fit. Therefore, start taking fitness seriously and do the needful.

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