Cardio moves are those types of exercises during which your heart rate raises to more than 70% of its maximum rate. These exercises involve intensive movements that increase metabolism. They will in the long run lead to more energy use and consequently the burning of all those extra calories that are weighing you down. On its side mindfulness during exercise refers to being able to focus solely inwards and shutting out of all other things other than the exercise at hand. That is focused on things like your heartbeat or movement of the muscles you are exercising. Thus, mindful cardio moves will refer to those intense exercise routines you can engage in while remaining undistracted probably with music play along.


It is very easy to get distracted during exercise. You are very likely to wander off to your life’s worries and uncertainties. According to research, this absentmindedness can lead to injuries and reduced effectiveness of the exercise. Some of these injuries can be detrimental with others even causing joint pains. It is in this regard that you as you endeavor to get acquainted with high impact exercises that will give you joint pain relief cut down your weight or keep you fit; you should also consider how to fully remain focused on them. One way of keeping you interested is the incorporation of music during the exercise. If you focus on listening to the music you are less likely to start thinking of other things. And when you are fully involved in the exercise, the likelihood of you slipping and falling is reduced. Some of the intense cardio moves you can engage in include:

  1. Dance

While dancing, almost all the body parts are moving especially if it is aerobic dance. It is this great intensity that leaves you panting within minutes. Now if you are not careful, you can easily miss a step and get injured. However, if you coupled your dancing with a video clip such that you are imitating the people on the video clip, then you will be able to concentrate better. This is because your mind will be solely focused on what is going on the video thus helping keep your mind in the exercise.

  1. Kickboxing

Here you can consider counting out loud as you kick. For instance you may decide to do three kicks with your left side and then three with your right. In a bid to ensure you don’t mess up the routine you will be able to keep your mind in the exercise and fitness thus enhancing its effectiveness. This way you will have created your own music which will guide your work out. Notice that you should keep this going for at least 10 minutes for it to be a real cardio move.

  1. Stair sprints

Over and over again, it has been said that taking the stairs instead of the lift can count as exercise. And it is true. However, merely walking up the stairs and down cannot quite count as a cardio move. This is because the level of intensity is not high enough. It can only work if you are looking for a low impact exercise routine probably due to joint pains or sickness. But if you are looking for cardio moves you should run up the stairs and back without stopping. You can do this for around ten sets. To keep you focused try listening to cool music on your iPod or just listen to your heartbeat.

  1. Treadmill

When we mount the treadmill, our focus is usually to sweat all those calories and sometimes stress off. However, if you are not keen you can fall off and break something maybe a hand or leg. This is why you should try keeping your mind on the movements of your muscles, sound of your feet or music playing in the background.

  1. Cycling

Whether you are cycling on the stationary gym bicycle or a real one, focus is required. This will help keep your work out rate at a constant. Maybe you can remember that one time when you were working out and don’t remember when you stopped. It is because you wandered off to other things.

  1. Skipping rope

Try jumping as high as you possibly can and aim at as many jumps as possible. You can consider having music as the rhythm you are jumping to or just count your way out.

  1. Skating

This exercise requires you to fully focus in order to retain your balance. It is thus an excellent cardio move as it forces you to be keen on your movements.

  1. Jogging

The reason most people have music as they exercise is to enhance concentration. Music serves as the motivation behind your running. With the increased number of headphone shops it is easy to carry your music around as you exercise.

  1. Vacuum cleaning

As farfetched as this may sound, this is actually a good cardio move. As you move the vacuum cleaner back and forth, you are putting your muscles to work hence increasing the heart rate. You can consider cleaning as a song (not a slow song) plays so that you can move with its rhythm.


Cardio moves are an excellent route to losing weight. However their effectiveness and safety can be compromised if you are not attentive during exercise. This is why you should choose moves that come with concentration boosting factors like music.


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