Chad traveled a lot for work, always flying from one city to another to make business deals and attend meetings.

            “I realized that even though I was going to all these different places, I didn’t actually get to see any of them. I’d go from the airport to my hotel and then to the meetings and then I’d have to leave,” said Chad. “I was traveling, but missing out on so much.”

            Finally, Chad decided it was time to take a trip just for himself, no business or work related causes attached. He remembered needing to visit Singapore once for a business trip and wishing that he had more time to go out an explore the city.

            “It seemed like the perfect opportunity to go back and actually experience a place. Even though I had already been there, I knew practically nothing about the city,” said Chad. He started making plans and decided to make it a photography vacation since it was such a unique opportunity for him. “I felt I might as well make the most of it,” he said. “I get to see all these different places because of work, but never really experience them. So, the one time I actually have the chance to explore a place I wanted to make sure I had good pictures to remember it by.”

            He hired a photographer through Localgrapher who could meet him in Singapore to do a photo shoot of his time in the city. Feeling confident about his travel plans, Chad set off on his well-deserved personal vacation.

            The trip went better than Chad could have ever hoped. Upon arriving in Singapore, he recognized some of the big landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands area, from the time he had passed through on a business trip. Most things were completely new however, and without the obligation of work on his mind, Chad had the time to explore the city at his leisure.

            He spent almost an entire day walking around the botanic gardens of Singapore, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The astounding display of flowers and trees captivated Chad, and also gave him some ideas for pictures he wanted to share with the vacation photographer. Of particular interest to Chad was the National Orchid Garden, with its stunning collection of beautiful and often rare orchids.

            When the time came to meet the photographer, Chad brought up how much he enjoyed the botanic gardens and the natural landscape. The photographer helped Chad with picking the best spots in terms of lighting and scenery to get some good shots that captured the natural side of Singapore. From the photographer’s suggestion, they then headed to one of the best-known landmarks of the city, the famous Merlion. Chad had completely missed seeing the mythical statue his first time in the city and was glad the photographer in Singapore recommended it for a photo shoot.

            Chad enjoyed the rest of his time in Singapore experiencing the famous nightlife scene of the cityand visiting some of the other attractions. He spent a relaxing day on the beaches of Sentosa Island, and then toured some of the cultural sites of the city like the Asian Civilizations Museum.

            By the time he went back home and to his job, Chad felt rejuvenated and successful. He had thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend more time in a foreign city and was happy with the result of the photo shoot that preserved the memories.