The reason for choosing contact lenses can be many, but when it comes to choosing a colored contact lens the main benefit is that it gives you the freedom to change the color of your eye to the choice you want, be it dreamy gray or deep greens or a blue that can give the feel of diving into the ocean. Avoiding spectacles is the most common reason, while at the same time fashion is a primary influence in opting for a lens. While choosing the lens and knowing the type of lens is a step to start with, your doctor can provide better and more detailed information on whether the lenses you choose are suitable for your eye, and recommend proper usage.

Conventional lenses

These lenses are made as daily wear and extended wear lens models and can be available in soft, hard or rigid gas permeable lenses. Conventional contact lenses are worn from a period of six months to a year.

Rigid gas permeable lenses

Also known RGP lenses, rigid lenses are made of durable plastic that transmits oxygen. They are also known as oxygen permeable lenses. These lenses normally cover two-thirds of the cornea and are a better fit and offer greater clarity for users with Keratoconus (cone-shaped cornea), presbyopia, and astigmatism. These lenses provide better vision than a soft lens but they can take a longer time to get comfortable with. They also need extra care in maintaining.

Hard lenses

Though not used anymore, these were the first lenses to hit the market. These lenses were made from hard glass, which caused huge discomfort to the eye and the lack of oxygen flow to the eye resulted in dryness.

Colored contact lenses

50% of the population living in the world today have brown or dark eyes, the rest being from grays, greens etc. Color contact lenses come with a huge advantage to the wearer giving the option to change their eye color.

Opaque lenses are layered with solid color around the iris, allowing dark eyes to change the eye color completely.

Enhancers offer medium tints recommended for paler eyes, as they enhance the eye but do not haze the natural eye color.

Choosing a perfect eye colored contact lens is a tedious task. With many options there are many factors affecting the outlook, some might naturally blend with your existing color while others make your eyes look extremely out of place.  Doing research on the available color specified for a particular type of eye shade you have and the closest you want to change to can help. Fashion trends are another major influencers in choosing the right colors. Solotica Natural Colors Mel, Solotica Natural Colors Quartzo from Solotica Lenses and few other lenses from Bella, are worn by celebrities for different occasions, giving way for the contact lens to become an integrated element to opt for when making a fashion statement. Getting inspired is a key factor which pushes us to do new things at the same time the most important factor to keep in mind is that the particular contact lenses you choose serves the purpose of your requirement and healthy eye care.