It’s widely accepted that feeling confident about your appearance has a positive effect on your physical and emotional well-being. Whether it’s your weight, height or facial features, concern about these little things can grow into obsessions that end up blighting your life.

First impressions really do matter

How our hair looks is one of the key contributing factors to how we feel about ourselves. It’s also one of the first things that people notice upon meeting us. It’s a fact of life that we are judged on how we look and present ourselves. We also pick up on how we are perceived, meaning that people who make positive first impressions tend to receive encouraging cues that help reinforce a positive sense of self. Hair plays a large part in our psychological make-up, and trying to pretend otherwise can be counter-productive.

A thick, healthy head of hair creates an impression. Not only when we meet other people, but when we look in the mirror. A final glance at our reflection that tells us we look great can help us face the world before even setting foot out of the house.

Hair loss can be stressful

When something is bothering us about our reflection, the worry that comes along with this can make matters worse. The more concerned we are about our appearance, the more stressed we get, and it’s an established fact that stress contributes to hair loss. If, when we brush our hair in the morning, we see displaced follicles all over the carpet, the cycle of worry can get worse.

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss, and when it starts it can be a worrying time. People who have never experienced that feeling of dread when your hair starts to thin or fall out and not grow back can often be unkind or simplistic with their suggestions. There are measures you can take to restore your hair and improve your confidence, however. A good diet and healthy lifestyle can contribute to hair health but, for many people, merely slowing down the rate of loss is not enough and hair transplants may be a permanent solution.

Life changing treatment is more affordable than people realise

It’s often the perceived cost of hair transplants that prevents people from undertaking this life-changing treatment. However, the Antonio Conte hair transplant became a real talking point among football fans and inspired many men to find out more about the procedure themselves. Many discovered that a hair transplant in Turkey at clinics like Vera Clinic is a cost-effective way of accessing top quality treatment and feeling your best. People who have gone through these treatments report feeling more confident, signalling a new period of life and a new start.

Happiness and hair are uniquely bound up together. Once, there was little people could do to prevent or turn back hair loss. Developments in science and technology mean that the unhappiness associated with hair loss is no longer inevitable.