There are five behaviors that can help you to move on from divorce and improve your life. 

1. Release guilt, blame and regret

This will take time and a lot of thought and introspection. You may possibly need the help of a therapist to help work through these issues as well as rely on your support system. 

You should visualize a chessboard and these issues should be pawns. All they do is take up space and you need to work to get rid of them. Once you get rid of them you can easily create more space in your life so that better things can easily happen. 

Also, when you face your own responsibility and actions that lead to the divorce, you will mature. Basically, you will learn that yourself and everyone else around you is slowly maturing with time and experiences. 

Keep in mind that there will always be a lot of blame. However, there is also a lot of love. It is in your best interest to choose love and you will see your life changing in positive ways. 

2. Select forgiveness

When it comes to you and your ex, it is best to leave it up to the higher powers. 

By forgiving, you will also be forgiven. This is important so that you don’t allow the negativity to spread on your chessboard and in your life. When you forgive, you will allow love to make positive changes to your life. 

3. Learn

Look at your challenges and see them as opportunities that you may not have been aware of previously. When you let light in, you will easily see the parts of your life that require correction and be sure to implement these corrections. 

Your life will be filled with lessons, become aware of them, learn and then move on with your life. If you choose to ignore those lessons, they will cause you to become stuck. Remember, life is a blessing and you will always have the choice to be happy. 

4. Ask for assistance

You will only be as alone as you desire. When you get divorced, you will likely feel sad, alone, fearful, vulnerable etc. However, look at it as an opportunity to bring new people into your life and new resources to help you with your divorce.

You will have to consider your new financial situation and look at all the areas that only your spouse handled previously. This will help you to become more independent, self-sufficient and grow as an individual. 

If you have children, you may need to ask for assistance with them in order to work. Then, you will realize you have an entire village to depend on. 

5. Be thankful

It is important that you are thankful for the life that you have, even if you are divorced. When you forgive and let go, be sure to include gratitude for all that you have and all that you’ve learned while being married. 

By having a heart of gratitude, it will help you to become grounded and ensure that you remember past gifts. It will help prevent you from desiring things that are not good for you or things that it is best not to have. When you are thankful, it will help you to realize that you have a great quality of life, even after you’ve divorced. 

Once you learn how to deal with your divorce, you will be able to become happy once again. 

After a divorce, you need to do more than take control of your finances and material possessions. If you only focus on these things, then you will find yourself stuck. 

Your life and its overall quality is dependent on how you view life. Think carefully about what is truly important to you. 

You also need to learn to trust life, trust yourself and manifest your desires.