New year, new you, right?

We love the start of a new year. It’s like turning to a fresh page in your notebook — the canvas is blank and you have a whole 365 days to fill it. So how are you going to fill your notebook of health and wellness this year?

If you don’t mind, we have a few suggestions:

[1] Seek out a health coach. Many of us have no problem looking to sports coaches, trainers, or doctors for specific advice on our health, but what about an individual who can help coach you through your unique wellness journey? How would it feel to have someone to speak with about all forms of health and wellness, rather than multiple different people? Part of the vision for Park Integrative Health includes health coaches for all of our clients. We love the idea of having one trusted person to speak with about all your health and wellness needs; someone who points you in the right direction and offers support to help you reach your goals.

[2] Try something new. A new year is the perfect opportunity to try new things — foods, routines, fitness plans — you name it! What about trying new ways to treat what’s been ailing you? Ever considered alternative treatment for pain, stiff or sore muscles, or digestion issues? There are so many ways to treat these sorts of health problems through natural means and with long-term results. Treatment options like Reiki, massage, and acupuncture can help relieve and eliminate all sorts of problems in the body. All it takes is a little commitment, an open mind, and a decision that taking pills for the rest of your life isn’t your ideal option.

[3] Take a thoughtful approach to your health. It’s so common for us to visit our family doctor, chat for a few minutes, maybe have a quick exam, grab a prescription slip and be on our way. But what if we took the time to have a meaningful conversation with our health care provider? What if we asked thoughtful questions about our health and explored a variety of different treatment options instead of the same old? Part of the vision for our clinic is to have health practitioners who take the time to really talk to their patients, to dig deep and get to the root of the problem, rather than provide a Band-Aid solution. Whether you’re visiting a health and wellness provider at Park Integrative or somewhere else, we encourage you to have more thoughtful conversations about your wellness this year.

As you turn the page on 2018 and start a fresh one for 2019, we encourage you to think differently about your wellness — what it truly means to you and how you can make improvements this year. The blank page in your 2019 health and wellness notebook is just itching to be filled. Why not let us help you create your most beautiful canvas yet?

Happy New Year, friends!

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