Patients with conditions ranging from cancer to asthma to sprains are all encouraged to try acupuncture. The centuries old practice brings about relief from various symptoms and can even serve as a source of comfort along with a standard treatment plan. No matter the problem, there is a good chance that acupuncture can fit into specially made courses of care from Dr. Kevin McElroy.

Body Acupuncture

There are areas located all over the body that are connected to the flow of energy; this is where steel needles involved with the practice are used. Because these needles are very fine, they are not painful to place into the body. Several sizes are available to help pinpoint the issue and deal with the selected maladies. Body acupuncture is widely used and will relieve many health problems. It can be easily paired with other treatments based on a doctor’s recommendation. The heat from a lamp can be used to warm the needles. In turn, the needles heat the area of the acupuncture point. It is thought this will help sports injuries and pain.


Electroacupuncture is used in conjunction with body acupuncture. The needles are connected by clips that carry electrical currents and can only be done for about 30 minutes a session. This will not cause pain to the patient, but not everyone can use this treatment. Since it utilizes electrical current, those with a pacemaker and similar devices are in a high-risk group. For that reason, patients should always be honest about their medical history.

Auricular Acupuncture

Fine needles are placed in the ear; seeds are adhesive and will work the same as needles. Chinese medicine thinks that the ear contains areas that control points all over the body. The acupuncturist can use both ears or focus on the ear that is located on the side of the body where problems are occurring. This can be used with body acupuncture and is considered a good starting spot for healing addictions.


Acupuncture points are pressed to achieve the same effect as using needles. A person can be taught what to do, so they can use this any time or schedule regular visits with their provider to increase productivity. The muscles are relaxed using this method and it can be done for a few minutes by pressing the finger down on the point and moving it in a circle or up and down.


Herbs are put on top of the acupuncture needles in this method; they are lit and will cause the needle to heat. The needle is only warm not too hot. Mugwort is used with this treatment, but other herbal treatments may be added per the request of the patients or provider.


This technique goes with acupuncture and can be used separately or with body acupuncture. The cups have a vacuum created in them and are then placed on acupuncture points on the body. If oil is applied then the cups can be moved into new positions. Therapists will use them if they feel there is a stagnant point in the energy flow. After the treatment, there can be redness or bruising which will not last.