Addiction is a complex medical problem that affects millions of people in America.  An addiction medicine specialist is a physician who treats patients who are addicted to substances like alcohol and opioids, and sometimes behaviors like gambling. Most of them also treat conditions that result from these addictions. If you suffer from an addiction problem in Glendale, it is crucial that you get the treatment you need from a Glendale addiction specialist to recover. These physicians at 2nd Chance Treatment Center are specially trained to treat and prevent the problem of addiction through psychiatric means, or other medical fields like internal or family medicine.

In the past, medical practitioners thought that individuals with addictions were showing signs of bad behavior. Today they understand that this is not the case. Addiction is now recognized as a chronic brain disorder. If you or a member of your family is struggling with an addiction problem, know there is still hope. 2nd Chance Treatment Center has trained medical professionals who specialize in helping individuals with addictions.

Reasons for seeing an addiction specialist

Individuals who have addiction problems can lead to complex lives. Untreated addictions can cause trouble at work, broken or strained relationships, and reduce the quality of your overall health. People who seek help for their addiction problems see improvements in their quality of life, including more work success, improved relationships, and lengthier, healthier life.

2nd Chance Treatment Center has more resources available than ever before for individuals struggling with addiction. They are educated and experienced in addiction patterns and can affect positive change to benefit you and your family.

What do addiction specialists do?

Since addiction is a brain disorder, it reveals itself in different ways. Addiction specialists focus on treating the underlying biological issues that cause addiction. To accomplish that, they develop a treatment plan, which might include counseling, relapse prevention strategies, establishing neural-beneficial habits, medication, cognitive therapy, and referral to social services.

Since the most effective plans include multiple treatment methods, the specialists often work with other health professionals. The team aims to assist the patients to live a happier life. Addiction specialists monitor the progress of the patient and make adjustments to the treatment plan when necessary. Since addiction is a chronic disorder, upkeep treatment runs throughout a patient’s life to prevent relapse.

Finding an addiction specialist

Studies show that most of the people who suffer from addiction do not seek treatment. Mostly, a loved one, therapist, or primary care doctor will recognize the addiction problem and suggest that the person seek help. It is essential to find a specialist. Although therapists can treat addiction disorders, they are conditions that should be treated by professionals who have additional training in the most current intervention methods and invest their ongoing education on addiction treatment.

If you are ready to get help and want to get an appointment with an addiction specialist in Glendale, the first step might be scheduling an appointment with a physician at 2nd Chance Treatment Center. After your appointment, carefully reflect on whether the specialist is right for you. If you are not comfortable with the specialist, it is an excellent idea to seek another professional as you want to choose an addiction specialist who respects you and suits your treatment needs.