If you are familiar with nootropics then you must have heard about Adrafinil, and if you haven’t heard of either of them, then you are in the right place to get a general understanding of this type of supplements that many people are taking nowadays.

Adrafinil and Nootropics

A decade ago, the word nootropic was unknown to most people, but today it is one of the fastest growing trends in the supplement market.

Nootropics are compounds that are generally used to boost cognitive performance. This umbrella term encompasses many different herbal extracts, natural nutrients and chemical drugs that have been shown to positively affect mental performance.

Adrafinil is one of the many nootropics people are highly interested in. It is a synthetic stimulant that increases wakefulness and mental power. Although adrafinil was intended for people who suffer from lack of sleep problems, it became popular as an off-label cognitive booster.

Benefits of Adrafinil

It is not yet scientifically understood how adrafinil works, but studies have shown that it has stimulatory effects on the brain.

Users who take adrafinil often report reduced feelings of fatigue, increased energy, improved mood and better ability to stay focused. The effect has been compared to that of coffee/caffeine, although without the jitters that usually come with coffee consumption.

Adrafinil is commonly taken as a study aid, pre-workout supplement or caffeine substitute. The effectiveness seems to significantly vary from one user to another, and while it may be helpful for some users, it may not provide a satisfactory effect for others.


Like other nootropics, adrafinil is not currently approved for the treatment of any illness, so it is unlikely that your doctor would recommend it to you. However, since it is legally available without a prescription, it is sold at some supplement stores, either in pure powder or capsules.

Adrafinil is rarely found at local stores, but there are many online vendors where you can buy legit adrafinil and other similar nootropics. You should keep in mind that these supplements are not regulated, and there are many mislabeled or fake products being wildly sold on the internet.

It is common for consumers to ask the vendor to provide a recent certificate of analysis issued by a third party lab and confirming that the adrafinil they sell is authentic and of high purity.

Facts About Adrafinil

The following are some interesting facts you should know about adrafinil and nootropics in general:

  • There isn’t a solid evidence to support the claim that adrafinil helps healthy people improve their cognitive ability. The use of nootropics is mostly based on anecdotal evidence.
  • The company that originally manufactured adrafinil, the French Lafon Laboratories, no longer makes this product. They used to market it under the brand name Olmifon up until 2011. All adrafinil supplements on the market today are made by generic manufacturers.
  • Adrafinil belongs to a small group of wakefulness-promoting agents called eugeroics.
  • People who are suffering from daily fatigue, low energy or poor concentration are more likely to experience a positive change when taking adrafinil or other stimulant nootropics.
  • Internet forums and commercial websites are filled with misinformation and false advertising about the benefits of adrafinil and nootropics.

Bottom Line

Adrafinil is a well-tolerated stimulant that many people find effective in improving focus and alertness. It is commonly purchased from internet-based nootropics vendors located all over the world.

It should be noted that nootropics are not medically approved for the uses they are often sold for. Experimenting with different supplements or medications that are touted as cognitive enhancers without getting a professional advice may not be a good idea.