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We offer a distinct focus on health and fitness with local content. Our stories feature Edmonton area fitness content, athletes and businesses and showcase health and fitness events and happenings in our area.

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YEG Fitness is an amazing platform to reach unique and additional audience market share by showcasing your brand and products. Featuring exclusive training, features, health and nutrition content, athlete and editor blogs, daily tips and exclusive subject matter, offers our online community a continued incentive to keep coming back for an array of great content. We offer a number of different partnership options ranging from home page advertisements to internal page banners. These advertisements include a direct link to your website. We also allow our online partners to submit an article to us each month to promote a new set of classes, product or service. This allows you to share what’s happening with your business and keep our readers notified of upcoming events.


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with TJ for a few years now. Throughout our friendship and business relationship, we at Central Social Hall have had the opportunity to collaborate on, work with and host events for YEG Fitness.  TJ and the crew from YEG Fitness have been professional, collaborative, creative, prompt, diligent and most of all very easy to communicate & work with. Moreover, we as individuals and companies share the same commitment and passion for supporting and uplifting the community around us. That unwavering commitment to leaving the community better than we found it, while encouraging others to do the same is what I especially appreciate about the YEG Fitness Family. – Jesse Kupina (Central Social Hall)

The team at YEG fitness and TJ Sadler are all about community, collaboration, and celebration which is why it’s a no brainer to say yes at any opportunity they throw my way. For years YEG fitness has been bringing information to the people of Edmonton about what is offered out there in the health & wellness community. They love collaborating on events in the studio or out and about in order to feature different studio offerings. The recent sweat session we held at Metta Yoga was such an amazing turnout of people who haven’t even done yoga. The result was lots of laughs, comfortable environment, people were exposed to our studio and organized seamlessly by TJ. This community really brings everyone together. YEG fitness also likes to celebrate everyone and recognize all the hard work of business’ in this industry. They created the YEG fitness awards which we have been so pumped to have won numerous times, regardless it’s a fun way to celebrate everyone and bring the industry together under one roof for a great party! YEG fitness thank you for being about community, collaboration and always fun celebrations! – Angela Zawada (Metta Yoga)

YEG Fitness has helped us immensely both professionally and personally. Besides contributing regular content, the biggest benefit to participating in this community is the opportunities it has given us: Networking with amazing like-minded, health and fitness business owners; trying new forms of fitness we would normally not try; and participating in educational seminars with leaders in the industry. We have met so many incredible people and with TJ leading the way the events are always incredibly positive. There are regular free events so they can be more accessible and inclusive to everyone. There are educational talks to discuss controversial topics to learn from the experts. There are events to highlight small businesses to help support each other and keep small businesses successful. There are events to bring a community together. There are events to get you out of your comfort zone and try something new. Thanks to the YEG Fitness community, ourselves and our business have had the opportunity to experience and participate in all of these things. This has made us better educated, better athletes, better members of our community, and has helped our business to grow. We cannot say enough good things about what YEG Fitness’ support has meant for us and how it helps many other people in similar situations in their personal and professional lives! Thank you to TJ and YEG Fitness for continuing to support us and every small business in our wonderful community! – Arri McWatt and Aaron Norris (Optimize Physiotherapy)

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about YEG Fitness. I enjoy reading their posts because they understand the importance of health and wellness in order to build a thriving community. The people behind the scenes of YEG Fitness genuinely care about Edmonton’s fitness scene. They provide their readers with 5-star information, guidance, and “sweat events” to help people stay active all over the city. Whether you are starting your fitness journey or a fitness pro, YEG Fitness has a little bit of everything to keep you coming back for more. I look forward to every post to stay on top of what is happening in Edmonton’s fitness industry. – Tony Nguyen (Owner of F.R.E.E. Fitness)

We have worked and collaborated with YEG Fitness the last years for articles and promotional materials. Their team is easy to communicate with and they always exceed our expectations. They have truly helped bring the YEG fitness community together, making it more inclusive and accessible for everyone. I highly recommend working with them if you get the chance! -Jordan Jeske (The PROJCT)

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