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YEG Fitness is simply the best platform available in the health fitness category. Our readers are the most passionate, savvy, fitness conscious people in the marketplace today! Which is why YEG Fitness provides an abundance of great content in both our ONLINE MEDIA PLATFORM and our PRINT/DIGITAL MAGAZINE. Catering specifically to the needs of people who wish to better themselves through a progressive lifestyle of health, nutrition, food, fitness and training, we offer a multi-platform advertising approach to assist your company in delivering its marketing and brand messaging to our targeted audience.

Advertising YEG Fitness Print Magazine:

Our print magazine is expanding in 2019. By including both digital format and print, we will be able to reach more readers and a greater audience to share information about our advertisers. Featuring 100% local content, readers of our digital magazine have come to recognize YEG Fitness as the “go to source” for local content. We’re bringing that same style and type of content to our print magazine. We will now be reaching a local audience of 25,000 readers of each edition and distributing them to local fitness and wellness facilities as well as apparel and health food stores. This will cater to our advertisers demographic and offer them great exposure. We will still be producing our digital magazine in conjunction with the print source which allows us to showcase your brand to our tech savy readers.

Advertising YEG Fitness Online:

YEG Fitness is an amazing platform to reach unique and additional audience market share by showcasing your brand and products. Featuring exclusive training, features, health and nutrition content, athlete and editor blogs, daily tips and exclusive subject matter not found in other digital magazines, offers our online audience a continued incentive to keep coming back for a array of great content. We offer a number of different advertising options ranging from home page advertisements to internal page banners. These advertisements include a direct link to your website. We also allow our online advertisers to submit an article to us each month to promote a new set of classes, product or service. This allows you to share what’s happening with your business and keep our readers notified of upcoming events.

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