The percentage of people with hair transplant represents one of the highest rates in Europe. According to information from top doctors, the affected figures comprise more than 50% of men and more than 30% of women, which is why the interest in acquiring a hair transplant has been reflected. But how much does a hair transplant cost. That, more than appeasing the pockets, can mark the effectiveness.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Also known as hair transplantation and hair graft, it is a surgical procedure based on the recovery of the hair mass. It is applied when you want to add more hair to an area that lacks its presence, that is, sectors of baldness.

This process consists of extracting follicular units from an area where they are abundant in order to later be implanted in the voids. In most cases, part of the scalp is taken, but it is also possible from other parts of the body.

What are the Types of Transplantation?

There are two main types of hair graft, known from their acronym in English, the FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) and the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Each is explained below:

  • FUSS, also called Follicular Unit Extraction with Strip or FUT. The surgeon removes a strip of skin from the area with a dense amount of hair, and then sutures the incision. This strip is then separated into small follicular units that are inserted into the desired bald area. Its healing is slow because it is a process performed with a scalpel, and it leaves a visible scar.
  • FUE, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction. The surgery focuses on the individual extraction of each follicular unit by means of a special surgical instrument. As it does not require cuts or stitches, it does not leave visible scars.
  • Both procedures are performed under local anesthesia. The difference is basically in the relationship of the time invested and the final results.

Market Prices

As the hair graft method has advanced, the number of people interested in it has increased. The treatments dedicated to the recovery or maintenance of hair have risen up to 50%. For this reason, various options have emerged in the national and international market, with discrepancies between their costs due to their interest in attracting patients.

Hair transplant cost change both between countries and between regions of the same country. A hair graft in Madrid can vary between approximately 3,000 and 10,900 euros. With these high numbers, people tend to look for more affordable options for their pocket, but sometimes, this can lead to unwanted results.

What’s Going on in Turkey?

The transfer to Turkey to carry out these transplants is already a case known for its consecutive due to the fact that its prices are considerably cheaper, but not necessarily effective.

In this country, costs are between 1,300 and 2,100 euros, really low figures compared to Madrid. The problem is that in this case the decrease goes beyond the price, since medical ethical standards are also reduced. This brings as a consequence risks in the procedures, which can even worsen some types of alopecia.

The complication arises primarily from the transfer. Due to the support of your government, hair grafting in Turkey has become health tourism. Attracting patients outside the country is a situation that can detract from the preoperative diagnosis and the postoperative process. In addition, once the patient has undergone the transplant and returns to his country, any type of claim in case of complications is impossible.

It is important to remember that a hair transplant is a surgery and, therefore, both the clinic and the surgeon who are going to perform it must be taken into account to guarantee not only a good aesthetic result, but also a healthy one. Consequently, it is necessary to consider certain details before making a decision.

What is the True Value for Money?

Making the best decision does not mean choosing the most expensive hair transplant cost on the market, as quality does not always go hand in hand with monetary value. High cost does not always represent high quality, in the same way that low prices do not necessarily indicate low quality. What is certain is that cheap is expensive and you must always make sure you look for a medical service with the right price.

In some clinics, prices are abused with the excuse of offering an extremely delicate procedure. It also appeals to understanding physical appearance, a delicate factor for many. However, health and aesthetics do not necessarily have to be extremely expensive even meeting all standards.

It is possible to find the best balance between price and quality as long as all the factors involved in the procedure are taken into account, from the previous diagnosis and medical treatment, to sanitary measures and surgical procedures.

There are clinics that offer all this and without abusing it, their prices vary between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, Antonio Conte hair transplant offering a good service with the required health security. Such is the case of the MC360 Hair Clinic, whose staff and advanced technology complement each other to satisfy your hair needs.