With the quest to have glowing skin, many procedures have been invented to help people achieve this goal. Among the many procedures include mesotherapy. Mesotherapy refers to a procedure where a doctor injects enzymes, hormones, and vitamins into the skin using very fine needles. The proteins, hormones, and vitamins rejuvenate the skin and make it tighter. If you are looking to rejuvenate your skin, find an expert in New York mesotherapy and cosmetics.

The solution in the needle can be one or a combination of the below;

  • Prescription medicines – the injection can comprise of medication, including antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. The medication can ease pain and discomfort.
  • Lecithin – is a natural compound that is known to help in the digestion of fats. It is used when mesotherapy is used for weight loss.
  • Nutrients such as vitamins and plant extracts. When injected directly into the skin, it helps in faster absorption of the nutrients.
  • Enzymes

Below are some conditions mesotherapy can treat.

Pigmentation and Scarring

The doctor can mix a cocktail of enzymes and vitamins with formulated ingredients that can assist in reducing unwanted pigmentation. The cocktail helps in controlling the rate at which the pigment is produced in the skin. Apart from lowering pigmentation, it can also help fade acne marks and scars with time. Hyaluronic acid can sometimes be used to help create volume where the skin has pitted. Amino acids are also used to encourage healing because they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Hair Growth

Hair mesotherapy helps prevent hair loss in both men and women. It also increases the density of hair formation. It promotes by regulating vitamins, proteins, and nutrients in the scalp. Mesotherapy helps accelerate cell metabolism in the scalp, which can assist in hair formation. The process helps increase blood circulation in the skin and refresh the hair follicles, making them grow thicker, bulky, and healthy hair.


Mesotherapy can rejuvenate, firm, tone, and slim parts of the body. It is because of this that some people sell mesotherapy as the secret jab to weight loss. The cocktails of natural extracts are injected into the middle layers of the skin, increasing local circulation and metabolism, which in turn increases localized fat loss and firms the skin. With mesotherapy, the doctor can target areas with cellulite, which can smoothen up the skin and dramatically reduce the cellulite in a natural way.

Mesotherapy treatment is effective, but it can have some side effects. Below are some things that you should look out for;

  • Delayed or immediate allergic reactions to the injected solution. If you have any allergies, you are encouraged to tell your doctor before the procedure.
  • Inflammation and swelling – it is common to have bruising at the injection sites. Some tiny bumps might appear, but they do clear in a week or two.
  • Skin infections only happen when the procedure is conducted in unhygienic conditions. It is, therefore, vital to find a qualified and board-certified doctor who upholds the highest hygiene levels.
  • Pain and burning – the injections can irritate the skin, and the doctor will use an anesthetic to reduce the patient’s discomfort.

Mesotherapy is relatively new, but the results are quite evident. The treatment is commonly used to help men dealing with progressive hair thinning and balding. It is a less invasive alternative to having hair transplant surgery.