Essential oil diffusers are big business, and everyone loves them. Not only do they smell nice, but they also help you relax after a rough day – diffusers make them more effective in their job. You might think about buying them for your studio, home or office, but you need to consider certain factors before deciding the right diffuser for your case.

Why should you even consider getting an oil diffuser?

There are some compelling reasons behind the rise of aromatherapy, especially considering we live increasingly stressful lives – and you just want to get away from it all sometimes. Some of those reasons include:

  • Calming down hyperactive kids – if you have very active children in your home and you need to make them relax before they head into bed, then these oils can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Oils such as lavender are perfect for this mix.
  • Health benefits – if you need instant mood changers after a long day, then aromatherapy can help you get back to a restful state. Plenty of scientific evidence also shows its benefits in helping people sleep better and wake up feeling well-rested. In addition, it helps reduce the suffering that comes with common illnesses such as colds and headaches due to anti-inflammation properties.
  • Improvement of the air quality – there are few things that are as irritating as stuffy rooms that have poor air circulation. Having these essential oil fragrances in the air will improve its quality immensely.

What to consider

The thing is that there are plenty of oil diffusers to choose from in the market, such as if you decide to go for AromaTech or something similar. With advanced technology, there have been new emerging designs that are lightweight and wearable such as a mini portable diffuser from Weljoy and diffuser jewelry at Kumi.

The size of the room

The good thing about oil diffusers is that you will not go in blind when finding out the space they cover – they will indicate to you the area they cover. This will also depend on the capacity of the diffuser itself.

As a general rule, 250ml diffusers can cover small rooms that measure 10 by 10 square meters. Note that there is nothing like ‘too much’ diffusing, since most oil diffusers will have an adjustment control. This will help you adjust the diffusion rates if you need to, so even if you buy a larger capacity diffuser, it should not pose a major problem.

Capacity of the diffusing tank and operating time

The effects of aromatherapy in the room you are working with will be due to the operation time the oil diffusers works with. As an easy estimation, you can know this through dividing the diffuser tank capacity with the operation time estimate, and this will give you the diffusion rates.

For instance, you might see a diffuser operating for four hours and it has a capacity of 250 ml, so that means it operates with a diffusion capacity of 62.5ml every hour.

in addition, it is important to remember that not every diffuser is the same – there are those that do quick releases of mist into the air, but the scent only lingers for a short time, while others release the mist at slower rates yet it stays longer in the air. The ones that release it faster could have a problem with breaking down water molecules, while the others may be very efficient at this process.

Does it have a good design?

You might not think much about it, but the importance of a user-friendly design cannot be understated. When you are buying a diffuser, check the instruction manual to see if you can understand it easily, and the oil diffusers itself must be easy to operate with minimal buttons.

You should also ensure that the unit is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is easy to add water and essential oils into the tank, and it is easy to clean. Otherwise, chances are high you will be wasting your money on a gadget you cannot operate properly.

The plastic used in the design

Plastics are not created the same, and some are more harmful to the environment in the long term. Because of this, you need to ensure that the plastic used has a BPA-free certification, which tells you that it is of high quality and thick.

One thing you should remember is that certain essential oils also have corrosive properties, especially in their concentrated forms. If your diffuser is made of low quality plastic, it can wear down and start cracking after a few months.

Dimensions of the diffuser kit

It is important to consider the oil diffusers dimensions, because bulky ones will be difficult to install and use if your room is small. In the same way, a small diffuser will not help much if the room is very large – in short proportionality is important to consider.

The noise levels

When you switch on the diffuser, it will likely make some noise in form of vibrations. However, if you are not a fan of having vibration sounds in the room, you can select noiseless diffusers (unless you would like to have the sounds as a form of white noise). These noiseless oil diffusers can work well in environments where you need some peace and quiet, such as libraries, spas, offices, yoga studios, and so on.

What about extra features?

Diffusers these days are not just what they used to be in the past – there are new and interesting features that they have every time. One interesting feature can include music play, changing LED lights that act as background lighting, as well as timers that can shut off the system when the water levels are lower than a certain point.

Not all features will help you, of course, but you can consider the ones that do make your user experience easier.


The benefits of aromatherapy are many, but it is even more important to find the correct oil diffusers for your room, space and make your living experience a more pleasant one.