In most cases, the risk of people suffering from cancer in their lifetime is approximately twenty percent. However, various factors might increase your chances of suffering from cancer, including family history, occupation, or lifestyle habits. Therefore, it is essential to note that early detection of this condition is key to getting the best outcome during treatment.  To keep their clients’ health in check, cancer screening in Deerfield Beach is performed by a team of specialists who are experienced in carrying out cancer tests to identify its early signs.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a term used to refer to uncontrolled cell division, which leads to organ damage, tumors, and dysfunctions. There are also two groups of cancers, which usually form slowly and those that grow rapidly. Generally, the cells of your body are supposed to maintain a consistent lifespan whereby if one cell dies, your body replaces it with another new cell that has better functioning. But cancer usually interferes with this process where cells accumulate in your body and begin using nutrients that should go to the more individual cells. If you got cancer, it might start in one part of the body and then move to other parts via the lymphatic system by a process referred to as metastases.  The method above makes it very difficult to treat cancer.

What is cancer screening?

It is a noninvasive test performed to detect cancer cells throughout your body. Therefore it is essential to have cancer screening, especially if you are at a greater risk of suffering from it due to your family history, occupation, or exposure to carcinogens. Some of the common contributing factors for cancer include chemicals, tobacco, radiation, and genetic variations. The health care facility offers cancer screening using a low-dose CT scan. It is an imaging test that typically combines numerous x-ray images into one thorough image of the targeted body part. Areas of your body that can be screened for cancer include your abdomen, chest, and pelvis. Even though cancer screening cannot make a definitive diagnosis, it can lead your physicians and radiologists into areas of concern. It is because the images taken can show tiny abnormalities of one-millimeter diameter. And if your physician wants to be sure that the abnormality detected is cancer, a biopsy is performed.

What types of cancer can a cancer screening detect?

Cancer screening helps in detecting various types of cancer that usually affect multiple body organs and organ systems. When cancer is detected early, it greatly improves your outlook since it is one of the conditions that is easy to treat when it is in its early stages. Cancer screening helps diagnose cancer of the thyroid, kidney, liver, colon, lungs, stomach, duodenum, prostate, and uterus. Specialists can also diagnose hairy cell leukemia, a rare cancer that grows slowly and affects your blood. It does so by making your bone marrow produce too many lymphocytes, which appear fairly when viewed.

Therefore, cancer can be easily treated, especially if proper cancer screening is done early. To get cancer screening, call or visit Life Imagine Fla today.