Working out is the best way to stay fit, rejuvenated and active all day. The increased heart rate promotes good circulation and increases your lung volume immensely. This makes you healthy all round. A healthy body, mind and soul is all you could yearn for this year; it saves you money, you will look good and your work productivity will increase.

After your quick lunch break workout session, you have to look good and face the rest of the day with confidence. You might suffer from muscle cramping, especially if you have not trained for long. This is expected but you will last the rest of the afternoon (the muscle soreness is always felt after resting).

To look good before and after working out, you should follow these makeup tips:

  1. Workout with no makeup

Despite the recent upsurge in sweat-proof make up for use at the gym, it is advisable to work out without make up. The makeup might not let sweat pass through but the oils in the makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day will clog your skin pores. You might end up with bad acne. Moreover, your workout session may be too tough and you might break a sweat. The reaction of the sweat salts and makeup may have a bad effect on your beautiful skin. You don’t want to go back to the office looking like a train wreck!

Carry a natural makeup remover for your face and a natural eye makeup remover to avoid irritated eyes due to sweat and makeup mixing. A natural remover should remove dirt, makeup and oils without irritating your skin.

Therefore, clean up your face and use minimal makeup if you have to.

  1. Pin up your Hair

To avoid hair flying all over the gym or getting into your eyes, hold your hair up. Invest in a good hair band around your forehead to prevent your hair oil and sweat from mixing. Otherwise, you might end up with acne breakouts.

  1. Shower

Sweating is good, but the smell after working out is not good. Take a warm shower. Taking a warm shower is one important step you should take to prevent muscle cramping and soreness as a result of lactic acid buildup during the gym session. Warm showers or baths offer all natural pain relief to your body.

You can clean your face first, separately. This will get rid of the dirt and oils. Do not forget to carry your natural soap and deodorant for a refreshing and cool scent.

  1. Moisturize

You lose water through sweating. This water has to be replenished and the skin hydrated. A good moisturizer will soften your skin. Consider using a tinted moisturizer in case of uneven complexion due to bruises or skin flushes.

  1. Mascara

If you used your natural eye makeup remover to avoid smudged make up, you might not have enough time to reapply eye makeup. Use mascara to enhance your eye’s appearance.

In conclusion, looking good is important and your body will reward you. Invest in the best natural products for your skin as well as pain relief products in case of muscle injury or soreness.



Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a world-renowned natural aesthetician and a registered physiotherapist cum aromherapist. She has conducted immense research on the advantages of natural beauty products over artificial ones and together with a team of experts, they agreed that the naturals always win. Read more on her work by visiting her company’s website.