One of the biggest trends in cooking over the last 30 plus years has been finding ways to eat healthier at home. There have been fad diets that come and go, different cooking techniques, and styles of cuisine that have fallen in and out of popularity.

Surprisingly, one of the most effective ways for achieving a healthy diet isn’t the food itself—it’s the appliances you use to cook! The following are some of the best devices to use to help improve your diet.

Multifunction Cooking Devices

These are some of the most amazing types of home cooking appliances available on the market (but if all you need is a repair of your current appliance, check out Originating in France, the home of great cooking, these devices are referred to as “cooking robots.” It is a fairly apt description as they pretty much can create cooked meals equal to anything an actual chef could create.

As seen on , some of the most popular cooking robots are made by Magimix, Thermomix, Kenwood, and Miago. These devices are similar to American food processors except that they tend to have an included scale to measure the amounts of food the device will cook. In the sealed pot, the device will cook the ingredients in any of a number of different ways. Even better is that many of these devices actually will clean up after themselves as well. You can’t beat that.

Air Fryers

This is one of the coolest home appliances. It lets you get your fix of fried foods without the fatty oils. Normally, foods that you would fry already have a small amount of oil in the breading. Air fryers make it possible to cook these breaded foods without requiring additional oil. This will help to create a crispy coating when “frying” something to snack on.

Even making sweet potato fries or fried zucchini is easy—and healthier—with these devices. Many of these devices also have an insert that enables you to grill meats and cook other items with minimal difficulty.

air fryer with healthy food placed in front of it

Electric Pressure Cookers

One-pot cookers have been popular among busy moms for a long time. This is because they could throw everything into the crockpot and let it sit for several hours while they were at work. That way, at the end of the day, everyone could come home to a fully cooked meal.

Crockpots were a great device, but nowadays, there are even more advanced appliances. With electric pressure cookers, you no longer have to wait a full day to enjoy your meal.  Instead, you can have the kind of fully cooked meal you’d get with a crockpot but in a shorter amount of time. With many of these devices, you can cook a full meal in less than an hour. This is perfect for people with limited time to cook.

These devices allow you to simply throw everything into the pot and then lock the cover down and cook the meal under pressure. Meats will fall off the bone, and veggie dishes can be great as all the different flavors merge with one another.

The Bottom Line

There are all sorts of appliances available on late night television and on the internet that will help you eat much healthier. From devices that do it all to air fryers and electronic pressure cookers, the amount of devices home cooks can use to make healthier meals seems to increase by the day. So the next time you’re seeking to make your meals even healthier, you should consider the appliances you’re using. You may just come across a new way to cook healthy food with minimal effort.