Getting into shape right at your home’s comfort is something that you can do thanks to the many ingenious products by fitness companies. With gym and training equipment inside your home, you don’t have to spend much time going to city gyms and spending extra money on gym membership and extra gas. One of the popular brands that are being talked about in the fitness and bodybuilding communities is Marcy and their latest array of exercise equipment. If you are considering getting yourself your own exercise equipment, we’ll share here some useful insights if Marcy home gyms are worth the price.

Reliable Durability

One quality that Marcy exercise equipment is known for is its durability. Over the years, it has enhanced the various incarnations of its home gym equipment. According to the specifications pointed in, one of its home gyms, the MD-9010G Marcy Smith Cage System is made of durable steel. This is particularly important if you want a reliable exercise or gym machine that is available for use at any time of the day. Also, the durability factor ensures that your equipment stays with you for several years, reducing the need for frequent replacements.  

Steel frames are the standard of home gym equipment. Makers of Marcy equipment always keep in mind that their products are strong enough to support the weight of the user and the weight of the plates or weight stacks. Depending on a user’s workout needs and goals, they can choose conventional home gyms with 300 pounds capacity, while those who seek extreme strength workouts can go for home gyms with up to 1,000 pounds capacity. Cables, wheels, pulley systems, and other moving parts also need to be strong and durable to give the best possible workout experience.

Compact and Space-Saving Setup

While the Marcy exercise equipment comes at a rather hefty price, its qualities make it a worthwhile investment for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. One outstanding quality is its compact design, which allows for a space-saving home gym setup. In a way, it is also a cost-efficient fitness investment because you can set it up in your garage, basement, or even your room if you have at least 8 sq. ft. of free space and sufficient ceiling height. The Marcy home gym only uses around 6-7 sq ft. of horizontal space and around 7-8 ft of vertical space. This is only a small area compared to setting up separate gym equipment, which could take up the area of your entire house. 

Also, what makes a compact home gym design more convenient is the easy transition of one workout to another. You don’t have to walk to the other end of your house or go to another room to do another exercise or workout regimen. We’ll discuss more on that in the section ahead.

It Gives You a Full-Body Workout

Convenience and effectiveness are two attractive factors that make home gyms a hit for fitness lovers. Having your own gym equipment at home is hygienic because you don’t have to share the same sweaty bench or equipment with other people, and it is also a safe way of getting fit without having to worry about the physical distancing stuff of COVID-19. You can still sweat out as much as you want right inside your home. You can still get a full-body workout out of Marcy exercise equipment because of its ingenious design and setup. It incorporates up to 8 workout stations. 

Depending on the equipment model, the stations can include a high pulley, a low pulley, a rowing pulley, a press arm, an ab curl station, a pec dec station, a shoulder press station, a biceps curl station, a lat pulldown station, a leg extension station, and several other exercise functions. Even the most avid fitness enthusiast can be satisfied with such a wide range of exercise stations in such a  compact frame. As mentioned earlier, convenience in transitioning from one workout or exercise to another is important, especially if you are performing high-intensity workouts. Getting to another exercise or workout rep fast allows for a smooth transition of muscle workout without losing your momentum or physical drive. This way, you are able to perform all your workout regimens with full efficiency and without unnecessary disruption.

Complete Accessory Line

Being able to adjust and tweak your home gym into your desired specifications is also an important matter. This is especially true for progressive workouts and exercises. Depending on your fitness level, you will always have to start with the most comfortable setting of your home gym equipment. Since you have the element of time in your hands, you can set a gradual transition and take your time in increasing your workout intensity after you have become fully comfortable with your current workout setting. 

Accessories are not just for adjusting the intensity levels and strength setting of the home gym equipment. They can also be attachments and extensions that can enable you to give your muscles a workout at different angles. Marcy home gyms come with a wide variety of accessories that can help work out various muscle groups. The attachments may include a triceps rope, a V bar, a shiver bar, a lat bar, single handles, a footplate, and an ankle strap. 

Speaking of value, having these attachments included in your home gym equipment package can give you great savings, as extra attachments outside of the gym equipment are quite pricey.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Makers of Marcy home gym and exercise equipment always keep in mind that their machines work efficiently and smoothly with the human body and will provide maximum comfort. Comfort is a big factor when it comes to motivation and satisfaction in using a home gym. No one would continue to use a product that is cumbersome or uncomfortable to use. Thus, you can be assured that your Marcy equipment has dual intensity foam for back support and foam grips and rollers for comfort and blister prevention. Adjustable seats and station size is also a great comfort factor that this equipment provides.

As buyers, we are conscious when it comes to the price of the products we pay. Health and fitness equipment is no exception. Going back to the question of Marcy home gyms being worth the price, the answer is a yes.