People have many desires and wishes they want to fulfill in life, and some are having a family and raising healthy kids. But sometimes it is not always affirmative as you may experience problems that hinder you from having children. Whether it is through miscarriages or infertility, it is always wise to seek help from a specialist to experience reproduction matters to guide you on what to do. The services of Dr. Peter L Chang cover all the problems to do with reproduction making sure that you fulfill your dream of becoming a parent.

At Noble Fertility Center, the team is dedicated to walking with you throughout your journey, offering you support and treatment till you accomplish your desire. The team has various skills and experience, and using modern technology provides personalized service to achieve a positive outcome. Your dreams can only become a reality at Noble Fertility Center. Call their office today or make an online booking to begin your journey of becoming a parent. The following are the services offered at the facility.

·       Infertility treatment

·       Miscarriages

·       In Vitro Fertilization

·       Egg freezing

What is miscarriage?

Miscarriage occurs when the pregnancy comes out on its own before giving birth, also referred to as spontaneous abortion. Miscarriage typically occurs during the first three months of your pregnancy. In most cases, your behavior does not trigger a miscarriage.

What are the causes of miscarriages?

Most people think that the pregnant person causes miscarriage due to their actions, but that is not the case. Miscarriage occurs due to:

·       Diseases such as severe diabetes may increase chances of a miscarriage

·       A fertilized egg with various chromosomal genes missing or more present

·       Problem with the uterus or cervix

·       Blighted ovum

·       Molar pregnancy

·       If you experience two or more consecutive miscarriages you have a high chance of a miscarriage

·       Advancing age increases chances of a miscarriage 

Types of miscarriages?

Miscarriages occur in different forms. They include:

·       Missed miscarriage occurs without cramps or bleeding

·       Complete miscarriage occurs when all the pregnancy tissues come out of the uterus

·       Incomplete miscarriage, some pregnancy tissues are left inside the uterus and may need to be removed

·       Inevitable miscarriage occurs where you experience excessive bleeding during pregnancy

·       Threatened miscarriage

Overview of infertility

Infertility is the lack of fertilization to occur even after repeated trials by a couple. Infertility can be experienced in either of the partners and can be caused by some of the following factors:

·                Low sperm count

·                Sterilization

·                Ejaculation disorder

·                Medicines and drugs such as steroids

·                Fibroids

·                Cervical mucus problem

·                Endometriosis

If a couple attempts to achieve pregnancy without success for a long time, both are evaluated to ascertain their fertility level.

In-vitro Fertilization.

In-vitro fertilization is an assisted reproduction technique where an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the uterus. The embryo formed may be planted back to the uterus or stored in an incubator till its maturity. The fertilization can be done using the couple’s egg and sperm or getting them from a donor.

The team At Noble Fertility Center ensures that your desires turn into reality and walk with you throughout the process till you achieve your parenthood dreams. Visit them today or call their office to book a consultation with them as a long journey begins with a single step.