Being active can be easier than you may expect. What better time to create your new healthy habits than right now and get active this summer. Becoming more physically active doesn’t only have to mean going to the gym 5 days a week or participating in vigorous activities, but it can also be as simple as going for a walk.

One way to add more movement could be going for an outdoor walk or hike. This can be the perfect time to listen to a good podcast or just enjoy the sounds of nature. Outdoor walks/hikes have been proven to be a natural mood booster as well as increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

Another great way to get active outdoors is going for a bike ride or rollerblading. These activities do require a bit of balance and coordination but can be great for those who are up for a bit of higher intensity activity. Bikes and rollerblades aren’t just a fun physical activity but can also double as a means of transportation. Why not save money on gas and enjoy a brisk morning bike ride to work?

Our third tip for enjoying more movement this summer is to find a friend to keep you accountable and enjoy these fun activities together. Creating a schedule of activities with a friend is an effective way to hold each other accountable.

Our last tip is to find a Coach to work with. This is a fantastic way to eliminate the stress of having to decide which activities to do and when to do them.

There are many equally fun and beneficial ways to include more physically active to your days.

Let’s get outside and find enjoyable ways to get active this summer, together. ASN Coaching offers a variety of coaching styles to best accommodate everyone’s needs. Follow @asn_Coaching on Instagram for more tips.

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ASN Coaching offers a variety of in-person and online supports in the areas of:

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All coaching options are customized to you and your goals and include private check-ins, unlimited email support + much more (see their website for more details). Coaching is geared towards both those who have experience in the weight room, and beginners. They can also customize your program to at-home or gym-based; there are no limitations.