Having to study or work all day long without a break, young adults don’t have time do work out and eat properly.  On the contrary, we are all used to eat tons of fatty junk food, usually while walking, so that we don’t lose our “precious” time.

Have you ever heard about freshman 15 stories? If you think that gaining 15 pounds or so in such a short time is impossible, you are wrong. It is more likely that you will gain weight during the first years of your studies or job for you will need to adapt to completely new way of life.

Stress, anxiety, fatigue and homesickness are just some factors that affect your well-being. If you would like to keep your ideal weight and stay vital, you need to learn how to eat properly.

Balanced nutrition is one of the most important elements that help you keep your perfect look. At the same time, it will help you beat fatigue and give you energy for your everyday activities.

Balanced diet also influences your health, improves your immune and digestive system, delays signs of aging and prevents serious diseases such as heart attack, cancer or diabetes.

Ask for professional help

Once you notice that you have gained weight, the worst thing you could do is to start panicking and choose one of those exhausting weight-loss programs. Instead, it is highly recommended that you visit a renowned dietitian who would provide you with professional tips. Nutritionists usually take several tests and determine what your ideal diet is.

Drink smart

Men can live without food for a while, but they can never survive without water, which makes approximately 65% of our bodies. Water will help you burn your calories and save you from dehydration. Also, it influences your skin and makes it tighter.

Instead of alcohol and carbonated beverages that contain sugar, artificial ingredients and sweeteners, you could drink natural juices or make delicious detox smoothies.

We know… You can barely function without drinking your morning coffee. Although it keeps us awake and gives us strength, coffee also negatively influences our organism. Instead, you could drink teas that are much healthier. For example, there are simple ways with natural detox teas that will also contribute to your weight-loss.

Avoid fatty foods

First things first, you need to completely eliminate deep-fried and fast food from your nutrition. Apart from containing low amounts of ingredients that are really beneficial for your health, junk food also contains numerous chemicals that make it last longer. You should also cut down nutrients such as butter, oils or cream for they contribute to the weight-gain. There are numerous low-fat products, such as dairy ones, that will boost your vitality and strength. You could also replace any recipes that call for deep frying with one of these air fryers.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains

You should consume large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are full of healthy natural sugar, fibers, minerals and vitamins. Eating them every day, you will be provided with almost all nutrients needed. The latest researches have shown that fruits and veggies serve as natural antioxidants, thus they cleanse your body and prevent heart diseases and cancer.

Whole grain products, such as brown rice, cereals, barley, lentils or beans carry an abundance of fibers and minerals that help you maintain your ideal weight. Apart from that, fibers protect you from getting cancer and boost the function of your digestive system.

White meat

The most common mistake people make is completely cutting down meat. Meat is full of natural fibers and proteins that will give you energy, but won’t affect your weight. All you have to do is to learn how to prepare it. For example, you could boil or bake meat instead of frying it.  You could also replace red meat, such as pork or beef with white meat like chicken or turkey. Also, it highly recommended that you consume fish 2 to 3 times a week for it balances your weight and influences positively your blood pressure.

Avoid salt and sugar

Another important thing you should do is to avoid salt, which causes fluid retention in our bodies. When you use large amounts of salt, your heart needs to work harder in order to move the blood through vessels, which can lead to various heart diseases.

You also need to cut the amounts of sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, you could choose sugar-free candies, for “regular” ones contain numerous artificial sweeteners that can cause allergies.

Balanced nutrition is one of the most prominent ways to gain and keep your perfect weight. It will influence your entire health and give your strength for your everyday activities. Try it out and it will become your walk of life.