Most people are acquainted with the Casper and Endy mattress brands – if not through use, then at least through their advertising online and on television. The question we often face is which is the better of the two? This is genuine Battle of the Mattresses. We took the battle “to the mattresses” to let you know how each faired.

Casper is a very popular mattress brand in the US and one with a good marketing budget that gets their name known. Endy, on the other hand, is the new kid on the block from Canada. The Endy brand has had success in Canada after securing one of the biggest deals of all time on Dragon’s Den.

Construction and Materials


The Endy mattress offers excellent support for lightweight and medium weight sleepers (like myself). Heavier weight people will find it medium to medium firm. In other words, the support provided by this mattress is good enough for most people.

Another excellent feature of the Endy mattress is its edge support. You can sit comfortably on the edge of this mattress without feeling you are going to fall off. If you tend to lie towards the edge of your mattress, the edge support of the Endy Mattress is ideal for you. Along with the low motion transfer between couples, the edge support of the Endy mattress makes this an ideal mattress for couples. I tend to move around a lot when I sleep, and my wife barely noticed any movement in the mattress.

The gel-infused memory foam of this mattress helps to reduce the heat build-up around your body. This is an important property for many people who wake in the night sweating and feeling hot. It is a good mattress for those with high metabolic rates that tend to feel hot, even when lying still.


The Casper mattress comes in four layers, although its overall thickness is just 9.5 inches – a half inch less than the three-layered Endy mattress. The top layer brings bounce and some comfort but perhaps not as cooling as the gel infused memory foam of the Endy. Perhaps the Endy is just ahead with its top layer, although couples may prefer the bounce to the cooling.

The Casper mattress is not a genuine memory foam mattress since it is constructed with a just single 1.5-inch layer of memory foam in its second layer – beneath the 1.5 inches of Dunlop latex which is likely to annul the properties of the memory foam layer beneath it. This relatively thin layer will have some effect on support though 1.5 inches is not much. It is designed to allow contouring of the mattress to your body, although memory foam can be warming without a cooling gel.

Endy Vs Casper: A Comparison

If you like memory foam, then Endy wins hands down. If you don’t like the feel of memory foam, then Casper is for you. The comfort of the Endy memory foam will appeal to many people. If you like a softer mattress with excellent comfort, then Endy wins easily. If you prefer a firm mattress then the Casper mattress will suit you better.

The Casper has a bit more spring to it than the Endy mattress. That might make the Endy mattress better for snorers since it tends to prevent tossing and turning in the bed. It tends to keep side sleepers on their side rather than turn to their back (the classic ‘snoring position’.)

The ultimate conclusion is that there are many differences between the Endy and Casper mattresses. Which you prefer will be a matter of preference:

  • Softer mattress: Endy
  • Memory foam experience: Endy
  • Snorers: Endy
  • Sex: Casper
  • Harder mattress: Casper
  • Stomach Sleeper: Casper
  • Feel hot in bed (temperature-wise): Endy

So, it is very much a matter of personal preference. Young couples may prefer the Casper for obvious reasons, while the elderly or singles who prefer a softer mattress would prefer the Endy mattress.


As with any comparison between two options, there are pros and cons for each. The choice between Endy vs. Casper involves more than just the initial impression you may get when you test each of them out. Many people choose their mattress by lying on them and feeling how comfortable they are.

There is more to choosing a mattress than that: young couples may need some bounce, so they don’t exhaust themselves overcoming the ‘clinginess’ of a deep memory foam mattress. The elderly may prefer soft comfort, while snorers may need a mattress that can help them remain in their preferred sleeping position all night. Our review and comparison of each should help those with these different requirements to make the right decision for them.


Disclaimer: YEG Fitness was not compensated financially for this review. We were however gifted a mattress from each company to test out for this review.