As more individuals are in the clamor to fight physical and mental diseases naturally, more and more people are drawn towards the use of CBD for any ailment that they may be feeling. CBD is the short abbreviation of cannabidiol, which is a by-product of the hemp or marijuana plant. CBD, however, is not addictive, as it is already processed to be without the addictive component of hemp, which is tetrahydrocannabinol.

One of the healing aspects in which CBD has been used for is for anxiety. The most common form of using the same is through tinctures. What exactly are they? Tinctures, like those you can purchase from Every Day Optimal, allow you to control your dosage of CBD in your body better, as this is taken orally through a dropper that is directed under your tongue. This article presents you with the benefits of using CBD to treat anxiety and depression.

1. CBD changes the way you feel about yourself

One of the most common effects of CBD is that it allows your mental and physical faculties to relax. Sometimes, with the extreme demands of daily life, people have difficulty relaxing by themselves. Hence, even at the end of the day, you may tend to continue having negative thoughts about yourself. People who are always anxious are also confused and depressed about how their life may be going, how they look, their failures overshadowing their achievements, and the like. CBD helps manage anxiety problems, as the relaxing feeling also allows you to think better thoughts and create better images of yourself in your mind.

2. CBD helps you fight stress

Stress is one of the top reasons why individuals feel weaker both physically and mentally. The constant exposure to stress daily also makes you more susceptible to mental disorders, feelings of failure and unworthiness, and jealousy towards others, which can lead to anxious feelings. Through CBD, you can manage stress better. This fact is again an end-result of the relaxant component that you can gain from CBD. The more relaxed you feel, the less stress you take on with you every day.

3. CBD allows you to fall asleep faster and better

For individuals who unfortunately suffer regularly from anxious feelings and anxiety disorders, the most common complaint is that their sleep is always impaired. Hence, the same cycle happens the next day that they wake up tired, confused and even more anxious and stressed than they were the previous day.

In the same manner that CBD allows you to be more relaxed, it also encourages better sleep and allows you to fall asleep faster. Having a good night’s sleep is key to refreshing your mind and refueling your body’s energy so that you can wake up the next day feeling more positive.

4. CBD improves your social skills

Yes, CBD can also improve your social skills. This positive result again happens from how the intake of CBD allows you to relax better. Because you can rest better, your inhibitions about yourself also tend to shy away. Often, man’s restraints are all in his mind. There may be aspects of yourself that you are shaping negatively, all because of the images you have built for yourself in your mind. With this, anxiety kicks in.

CBD combats the above mentioned situation by improving your social skills. Because your social skills are developed, you can build friendships more and be more open with talking to other people. As you open yourself up to others, you take a massive load out of your mind and heart, as you now have people to share your emotions with. The positive effect of this is that your anxiety and depression tends to be lower.

5. CBD can trigger Hippocampal Neurogenesis

CBD is doesn’t just operate as a placebo effect. Science has shown that when you relate the components and functions of CBD to your brain, it really does have some placid effects. One of which is that CBD can trigger hippocampal neurogenesis, which is merely the regeneration of neurons in the hippocampus.

To break it down in simple terms, remember that neurons are the essential components of the millions of cells that make up the human body. The hippocampus, on the other hand, is that part of the brain that is responsible for cognitive functioning and memory. Science has shown that if you suffer from depression or anxiety, this area of your brain tends to be smaller. Hence, the natural result is that it becomes more difficult for you to think clearly and to concentrate.

Through CBD, you can combat the same, as you now can better think, and concentrate better as thoroughly as you can. Therefore, you can go about your daily activities, especially your job, better, as you can now focus like how you used to before anxiety came along.


These benefits mentioned above are only a few of the full advantages of using CBD tinctures for the treatment of anxiety and depression. Just be wary, however, that if you are unsure about anything, do ask the experts, and do refrain from self-medicating. Also, more importantly, apply the same in moderation, as anything in excess in your body also isn’t beneficial anymore.