Dermaplaning is increasingly being used as an option for skin rejuvenation in Sarasota, Florida. Many people still have reservations about the procedure but there are plenty of Sarasota Dermaplaning centers with excellent results.

Dermaplaning involves exfoliating a layer of the skin using a very sharp scalpel. The procedure removes dead skin and peach fuzz from your body.

The reason why Dermaplaning is growing dramatically is because of the myriad of benefits it offers including:

A More Youthful Appearance

Dermaplaning is a method of skin rejuvenation which means that it restores your skin’s vibrancy. It does so by removing the tiny fuzzy hairs on your skin that can make you look a tad older than you actually are.

Once the hairs are removed, your skin looks smoother and younger than it previously did. The procedure ensures that the hairs are cut as close to the root of the hairs as possible.

Your skin is also likely to acquire a brighter shade after dermaplaning. It will remove the peach fuzz on your skin that makes it a shade darker.

Improves the Effectiveness of Beauty Products

Many people use beauty products on their skin without achieving the results they would like. With Dermaplaning, you will not only feel but see the full effects of the products you use particularly on a daily basis. That goes for beauty products such as make-up which can be applied more smoothly and evenly than before Dermaplaning.

The beauty products you use usually get caught up in the tiny hairs on your skin which prevents them from fully reaching the skin. When these hairs are removed, the chemicals can reach your face and serve their purpose effectively.

Dermaplaning also increases the effectiveness of beauty products by removing the dead cells on your skin. Dead cells cannot be affected by beauty products hence they reduce their potency.

No Chemical Used

When chemicals are used for skin rejuvenation, there is always an element of risk. They may adversely react with your skin and leave you looking worse than before. It is even worse if they penetrate the skin and affect the deeper layers.

All that is used when dermaplaning is an extremely sharp surgical blade twisted at a certain angle. The angle is what makes the exfoliation of skin possible.

The lack of chemicals used also means that dermaplaning can be done on any skin type whatsoever. Since there can be no chemical reaction with your skin type, there is no risk to a particular skin type.

It Can Be Combined with Other Procedures

Dermaplanin, as stated simply, involves intricately exfoliating the top layer of skin of dead skin cells and miniscule hairs. Therefore, it can be used alongside other facial rejuvenation procedures such as chemical peels and micro-needlingz.

The ability to be done prior to or after other facial rejuvenation procedures increases the effectiveness of both. Therefore, you are able to get the best of both worlds and have much better skin than if you were to utilize these procedures individually.