Red light therapy shines a specific wavelength of energy through the skin to elicit various effects on the underlying tissues.  This process is done using an LED panel or a whole light panel of red light. The treatment session for red light therapy is short and painless.

Red light helps to enhance skin growth and to promote proper cell function. Mostly, it uses a device that produces low energy light emitting diodes to bring about its desired effects. Most of the benefits are the result of energy exchange and the response of cells and organs. The wavelengths absorbed by the skin penetrate deeper than that of visible light.

Pain reduction

Red light works by applying heat to the joint which reduces stiffness to a significant percentage. The effects bring about pain reduction which results in less stiffness, and this encourages you to use move better. Red light makes the muscles relax when there are spasms which have adverse effects on blood flow. Less blood flow leads to the death of some tissues due to an insufficient supply of oxygen.

Enhanced blood flow

With the application of red light, the muscles relax, and blood flows well. Exposing the body to the light improves blood flow because the body responds to heat through dilating blood vessels. Widening of blood vessels reduces blood flow resistance, therefore, the cells will be starving due to lack of oxygen. By improving blood circulation, the removal of waste is enhanced which prevents waste material from accumulating in the body. Pain relief is increased by performing the above functions including improving blood circulation. Red light application profoundly enhances the elasticity of collagen fibres and stimulates the collagen and elastic fibre production. By improving blood flow in capillaries and the tissues, it thus reduces the aging of the skin. The red light helps hair to become strong and to restore hair growth.

Enhance skin quality

Red light therapy enhances your skin quality. The combination of the red and the infrared light is crucial for improving skin conditions. A treatment of red light therapy for about twelve weeks will improve wrinkles on the eyes and is also useful for preventing sunspots in middle-aged participants. The red light will enhance the symptoms of acne and improve skin complexion.

Stimulates hair growth

Red light enables the induction of hair regrowth in women that are experiencing androgenic alopecia. In men, the red light helps to increase the hair follicles regrowth relative to men who did not receive treatment. The red light therapy is thus useful for stimulating hair growth for both men and women.