If you take a look at the world outside, you will realize that majority of the people are now finding out ways to remain healthy and fit. The change in the working system and the entire lifestyle of people has contributed to a large number of illnesses and health disorders that people suffer with. This is a major reason why people prefer working out in order to stay healthy. Moreover, there are many who wish to make their body look good.

If you are seen as a healthy and strong person, you are creating a good impression on all those you meet. This is something that many among us believe in. Therefore, we see people working out tirelessly to build those extra muscles that help them stay fit and strong. With the urge of having a body that looks bulky and big, men and even a women are now looking forward to body building techniques. Some women are so passionate about building their muscles, that they do not mind consuming workout supplements that help in covering up low testosterone levels that they have as compared to men.

Body building does not only mean building up muscles in any part of the body. If you workout without an aim, you will end up building a body that looks vague. Thus, it is important to work out properly so that you can build muscle in the right proportion. One thing that people are often found worried about is the building of the chest. If you do not focus enough here, your arms will look larger than your chest. Therefore, you need to focus on the chest too.

What is the Chest made up of?

Before you begin working out on any body part, you need to first know the anatomy of that part. This will help you work out well knowing the various risks involved. Once you know the kind of muscle and the way it is placed, you can decide the right exercises that will help you prevent injury.

The chest is made up of two kinds of muscles; the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. These are also called pecs. The pecs are connected to the humerus of the arm and run through the front portion of the body. They are found to originate from the breastbone. The muscles that run in the front over the rib cage are known as the pectoralis major. While those that lay beneath the major ones, are the Pectoralis minor. Building up the chest means building up of these two muscles proportionately.

What are the exercises performed to build the Chest?

There are a number of exercises that people often perform in order to build a healthy chest. Let us take a look at a few effective ones.

  • Barbell Bench Press: Performed while one lies flat with his back on a bench. The person has to hold a barbell with adequate weights added to it. Take the barbell away from the chest and lower it slowly towards the chest. This is done multiple times as advised by the fitness trainer.
  • Flat Bench Cable Flyes: This exercise too is performed by lying on the back. You need to lie on a bench making sure that it is between the two low pulleys. Your shoulders should be aligned with the two cable pulleys. Ask someone to give you the handles in hand. Stretch your hands outwards, making sure that they are parallel to the ground. Gradually move your hands in a semicircle while you pull the cable inwards. Pull your hands until they are perpendicular to your torso and almost touch each other. Remain in this position for a while and then return back to the original position.
  • Chest Dips: This is a simple exercise that is done with the help of two parallel bars. Stand in between these bars. Place your hands on these bars, hold them and lift yourself up. Once you are up, bend your upper body forward at an angle of about 30 degrees. Stretch out your elbow a little. Remain in this position until you feel a strain on your chest. Slowly lower your body.
  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes: When you wish to build the upper chest, concentrate on the exercises that include inclinations. In this exercise, you have to lie on a bench that is inclined to an angle not more than 30 degrees. Take a pair of dumbbells; one in each hand. Now slowly lift your hands towards the chest and rotate your wrist a bit to make sure that the palm is facing your chest. When you are returning to the starting position, make sure you gradually take your hands outwards and rotate your wrist so that the palm faces the ceiling.
  • Bent Arm Barbell Pullover: This exercise too has to be done on a flat bench. Lie on the bench with your back facing downwards. Lift a barbell and make sure you hold it at shoulder grip width. Lift your hands up straight. Now slowly lower your hands, bending them slowly and form an arc pushing your hands above the head. Now slowly pull your hands back in the same arc that you had formed before and go back to the original position.

These are a few exercises that people are often seen performing in order to build stronger chest muscles. Most of the fitness trainers usually advise their trainees to perform these for better results. But, only performing these exercises is not enough. You will need to keep in mind certain tips that will help you gain much more out of the efforts that you put in.

  • While performing barbell bench press, you need to be sure that you do not bounce the weight off the chest. Keep proper control.
  • You need not let the bar drift too far. In the barbell bench press the area where you have to bring back the bar is the middle chest. Work out accordingly.
  • If you are new to such kinds of workouts, try using machines that will help you perform better. You can perform the Chest Dip using a dip assist machine.
  • Inclinations will help you work out the upper chest properly.
  • Do not be very aggressive while working out. Make sure you perform each exercise slowly with lots of patience.

The above mentioned exercises when performed with these tips kept in mind will surely help you build a chest that looks strong. It will not only give you faster results, but will help prevent injuries as well.


By James Hundson