If you are friends with health enthusiasts, it could be a bit tricky to buy them gifts. These types of people are usually quite particular about what they eat, and the activities they do. It is best if you have a set strategy on what gifts to give them. Here are some of the best gifts to give to a health enthusiast friend.

1.Running Shoes

One of the best gifts you could give a health enthusiast is running shoes. While running shoes don’t seem to be a special gift, they are in fact the best shoes for health enthusiasts.  Remember that they are often always on the go. This means that their shoes should be as tough, and comfortable as possible.  

Buying running shoes could be somewhat difficult because most health enthusiasts have specific tastes in running shoes. They have specific designs and features that they may look for in a pair of running shoes. Take the time to ask them about the type of running shoes they like. Yet another thing you should take into account, is your friend’s shoe size. No matter how good the shoes are, if the shoes don’t fit, then your friend won’t be able to use them.

2. Water Canteen

Yet another gift you could  give a health enthusiast is a quality water canteen. Remember that during a workout, your friend will be perspiring a lot.  Your friend will need to be as careful as possible, when it comes to rehydrating. 

This is where a water canteen comes in handy. By using a water canteen, he or she will be able to drink water easily. If you are going to buy your friend a canteen, you should look for durable and light versions. If possible, you should purchase glass water canteens, because they give the water a much better taste compared to plastic and steel versions.

3. Sports Watch

One of the things that most health enthusiasts love to do is to check on the number of calories they use during a workout. They usually make it a habit to turn on calorie counting apps on their phones while they work out. These are effective ways to measure calories being burned during a workout, however, there might be times where they forget to turn on this app. By having a sports watch, your friends won’t forget to turn them on during workouts.

If you are going to buy sports watches, there are many variations that you could buy from stores. However,  the store bought ones could be a bit on the expensive side. You could buy sports watches from online sources, however, you should make sure that the ones you buy are still good quality. 

Look online for reviews on the sports watch that you are interested in buying. Aside from reviews, you should also check if the company has affiliations with FBABEE. The fba freight forwarder is known for quick deliveries, and efficient logistics. This will ensure that the sports watch you ordered will arrive on time, and in good condition.

4. Great Earphones Or Headphones

During a long and difficult workout, a majority of people tend to get tired. The same could happen to your friend. This distraction may cause them to lose focus, and not work out to their full potential. 

A great way you could prevent this from happening, is to give him or her a pair of good quality earphones or headphones. If you are going to buy headphones or earphones, it is a good idea to buy wireless ones. 

These types of earphones and headphones could be connected via bluetooth to a phone while jogging or doing exercises. This allows your friend to do calisthenics and other exercises, without having to untangle wires. Aside from a wireless function, you should also buy a waterproof one. This will ensure that the wirings in the earphones and headphones won’t short out even if they get sweat and water in them. 

5. Active Outfits

Aside from running shoes, you should also buy your friend some active gear. This type of gear is perfect because it allows your health oriented friend to move with the least bit of restrictions.  

If you are going to choose an exercise outfit for your friend, it should fit him or her perfectly. Nothing is more annoying or difficult during a workout then workout clothes that are too tight or loose.

6. Tickets To Sporting Events

A good number of health enthusiasts love to attend sporting events. These events are a test of skill, endurance, and agility. If you are going to choose a sporting event, it is important that you choose one that has other attractions other than the sporting event itself. The more attractive booths in the  sporting event, the better. 

7. Healthy Snacks

Yet another way you could please your friend, is to give him or her some great healthy snacks. One of the trickiest things about being healthy is  that you need good quality foods that have little to no preservatives, and minimum amounts of sugar, salt, and preservatives. 

If you are going to give your friend healthy snacks as a gift though, it should at least look presentable. It would not look good if you just gave your friend a bag of healthy foods. It would just look like you gave him or her some groceries. If you want to make your gift look special, you should at least invest in some luxury boxes. Companies such as Hongyi which is a wooden box manufacturer that creates top quality boxes, at the best prices possible. 


If you are going to buy a gift for a friend who is a health enthusiast, you should have a plan. Health enthusiasts are usually very particular about their weight and sporting activities. With these tips, you’ll be able to give them truly great gifts.