If you are wondering how you can stay fit without spending a fortune on gym equipment, then you are in the right place. Many people give excuses and avoid doing regular exercises, saying they can’t afford to register at a gym or that the cost of gym equipment is quite expensive for them. You don’t need expensive gym equipment when you can build one yourself. Making your gym equipment is a workout itself and will even help you on your journey to stay fit. 

In this article, we will give you the best DIY ideas for your gym equipment. You can make these tools with objects you easily find around you. Here are some projects you can make yourself for your daily exercises.

Pull-up Bar

This is a good idea for your workouts especially if you want to work on the muscles around your arms and back. You can easily make the pull-up bar by joining some pipes together. Then hang the setup on a proper loading I-beam. When building your pull-up bar, make sure the pipes are strongly held together and supported before you begin pulling on it. 

Wood is also an excellent material for a pull-up bar. Better yet, you can actually make a ton of gym equipment from wood, like a power rack or a lat tower. If you have a workshop at home and a few tools like a circular saw or a miter saw stand with wheels, there are a lot of projects you can create for your DIY gym.


You can also make kettlebells for your workout. They are great for cardiovascular exercises and will improve your flexibility. Buying kettlebells can be expensive, especially because you have to consider getting the different weights. There is a much cheaper option you can use instead of investing in the pricey kettlebells. 

You can make an alternative kettlebell for a cheaper amount and even get to use changeable weights on it. It would be you making ten kettlebells in one. Another great thing is that you can easily disassemble them. All you would need to spend as little as $10 on a T-bar. You will be making these kettlebells out of concrete and then you place them on the bar. If you have good welding skills, making kettlebells shouldn’t be difficult.

Farmer’s Walk Bars

This is one exercise that is favored among athletes. The farmer’s walk bars will require you to hold heavy objects on each hand and then walking with them till you get tired. It is not so easy doing this workout but in the long run, you get to improve your strength.

To make the farmer’s walk bars, you will need some pipes, screws, and wood. You can build a couple of these bars for less than a hundred bucks.


Sandbags are quite popular for most people today. They are good for strength and endurance training. It would be great for people who intend to work on their muscles like the way weights and kettlebells work. The sands in the bag shift while moving, which makes you use extra effort. Sandbags require very cheap materials to make them. All you would need are plastic bags like heavy-duty waste bags or even food storage bags. It would depend on the size you intend to build. You also need duct tape, filler, bubble wrap, ropes, and zip ties. You can use a canvas duffle bag or those military laundry bags. You can punch your sandbags and toss them as you like when you workout.