Recently your company decided to host more regular virtual meetings. If you’re an introvert, this may have come as a shock. Showing your face more often is not something you had planned on! You’d much rather hide behind your screen. You may think that you can throw yourself together, and that includes your hair. Taking time to look picture-perfect may not be that high of a priority for you. The video is small, and they won’t be able to see details anyway, right? Even though that may be the case, it’s still worth your while to prepare. Treat it as if you were going to a meeting in person. As a dedicated employee, it’s always wise to put your best foot forward. Even though they can’t see your outfit, they can see your face and hair. So it’s up to you to make yourself presentable! Here are seven quick and easy hairstyling tips so you can make a good impression. These best hairstyles for virtual meetings will be so much better than throwing everything together!

1. Sleek, Straight Hair

Sleek, straight hair is a polished work hairstyle that’ll make you look great.

If you already have straight hair, then it shouldn’t take too much effort. And if your hair is curly, give yourself enough time before the meeting to straighten it. With today’s straightening irons, depending on the thickness of your hair, it shouldn’t take long.

If you have an oily scalp and your hair gets greasy, shower before the meeting. There’s always dry shampoo, but “arriving” with newly washed hair is always better.

After washing your hair, blow-drying it will speed up the process. But if there’s time to let it air dry, that’s the healthier option. Your hair won’t get as dried out in the long run!

Do you often have issues with frizz?

Using an anti-frizz serum or spray can calm down your hair and make you ready for the meeting!

2. Use Root Cover Up to Cover Those Roots

Your hair may be at a weird stage of showing your roots but not looking ombre yet. If it’s starting to look funny, you may want to cover up your roots.

It’s harder to cover up dark roots if your hair is blonde. If your roots are a much darker shade and are starting to show, you may need to go to the salon.

But say your hair is dyed brown or black, but your natural hair color is blonde. Then, your blonde roots will look really obvious if your hair has grown out a few inches. Finding a root spray can cover up those blonde roots so that the brown below it won’t look so drastic.

If your natural hair color is close to your dyed hair color, it should be an uncomplicated way to touch up your roots.

Here are some products you can try to manage your roots:

You may want to go the ombre route after your hair has grown out a little bit more. Some products will help you accomplish the ombre hair color you’re seeking for the best hairstyles for virtual meetings.

3. Braid Your Hair for a Creative Look

There are all sorts of braids, and braiding your hair is an effortless yet attractive hairstyle.

Again, focus on keeping the frizz at bay. Your braid should be somewhere between messy yet well put together. If it’s too shabby, it’ll look like you just got out of bed.

And that’s never a good thing!

Think about a braid that’ll complement your outfit and the person you are. For example, a side braid keeps your hair out of your face and is a nice look for a meeting.

If you’re feeling innovative, try a french braid or inside-out braid instead. There are so many braids that’ll impress your colleagues. More importantly, it’ll add something special to your meeting attire! to make it one of the best hairstyles for virtual meetings

4. Deep Condition to Make Styling a Cinch

Deep conditioning your hair the night before a meeting can do wonders. Frizz, as I’ve mentioned, isn’t your best friend. It can turn what could be a good hair day into a bad hair day. Luckily, that doesn’t have to happen to you when you deep condition your hair.

If you have an oily scalp, focus on conditioning the bottom part of your hair. Use it sparingly near your scalp. Silky, smooth hair will be easier to mold into a hairstyle. After all, you want a hairstyle that looks professional and nice for your next meeting.

Try deep conditioning your hair the night before.

With it still damp, braid it or put it up in a top knot. If your hair is naturally curly, you’ll have beautiful curls to work with. If your hair is normal, it’ll still be easy to work with to come up with a professional hairdo.

5. Flip Out the Ends of Your Hair

If your hair is shorter, give it some style by flipping out the ends. If it’s longer, this style will still work as well. It may take more work, though.

Straight hair looks the best with this type of style. But if your hair is currently wavy, you can either straighten it or add some flips here and there.

Play around with your hair by figuring out what looks the best on the ends. It’ll no doubt look amazing. Having flipped-out ends will make your hair look worthy of any meeting.

Plus, it’s a super quick way to style your hair!

6. Make Sure Your Bangs Aren’t Covering Your Eyes

Your bangs may be on the longer side or are overgrown. If you’re not ready to cut them yet, that’s fine. But keep in mind that having bangs constantly get into your eyes is annoying to the speaker.

You’ll frequently be pushing them out of your eyes, and that can distract who is talking. Not to mention you’ll annoy yourself by having to move your bangs aside every couple of minutes!

If you’re attempting to grow those bangs out, it’s best to keep them out of your eyes. Make sure you pin your bangs back if they’re at the stage where they’re too long.

And if it’s time to get them trimmed, make an appointment with your stylist!

7. Do a High Bun

A high bun is a simple hairstyle that doesn’t take a lot of effort making it one of the best hairstyles for virtual meetings. You can throw your hair up before a meeting, but it should be a neat bun instead of a messy one.

Even though messy buns are trendy, that doesn’t mean it’s the correct type of style for a meeting. If it’s too messy, it’ll give off the impression that you don’t care.

Instead, opt for a top knot that’s not messy.

You can pull out a few pieces of hair to add a little bit more style but don’t go overboard. A high bun will look great for a meeting without looking like you threw your hair together at the last minute.

Bonus: Check Your Lighting

Besides your outfit and hairstyle, the lighting is just as important.

Make sure you’re not sitting in the dark. If you are, your colleagues will wonder why you’re sitting in the basement (even though you’re not).

You also don’t want any glares, and sitting in front of a window can create a glare behind you.

Natural lighting is best, and if there isn’t a lot of light to work with, there’s video conference lighting. Conference lighting can help you up your game and allow you to show off your fancy hairstyle!


Make styling your hair for a meeting fun.

It’s your time to show your company that you’re creative both at work and with your hair! It may not seem like it truly matters what type of hairstyle you have. But it’s the little things that count.

Take the extra time to come up with a few hairstyles that’ll give off the professional vibe you’re after! Whether it’s a top knot or flipping out the ends of your hair, it’ll make quite the impression!

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Prime Place UNL to help them with their online marketing.