This is certainly been an interesting year. But what hasn’t changed is our wellness industry’s ability to adapt with the times and create engaging programs and client focussed healthy lifestyle options.

This is our 6th Best of YEG Fitness Awards and after last years awards, we surveyed attendees and those who voted and asked them for their suggestions for ways to improve the awards. One of the common threads was to make it less of a popularity contest where only those with huge social media followings win as they get the most votes. You asked. We listened.

While it is certainly going to be a more time intensive process, we have put together a panel of members of the wellness community with a broad range of backgrounds. Between September 1 and October 31, we are asking the YEG Fitness community to vote for their favourite wellness businesses and professionals. We’ll then tabulate the top 5 in each category and then approach each of those nominees to complete a short questionnaire outlining reasons why they should win. Our panel will then evaluate each of the responses and vote for the top 3 in each category with 3 points being given for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. Once all the panel votes are in, we will select the winner for each category.

Due to Covid, we will not be doing an in person awards ceremony this year. The Awards night will be done virtually allowing everyone to attend while keeping safe at home or the workplace. If you’d like to get your team together to celebrate safely at work or someones home, we will be sharing the event on Instagram Live and will be giving access to the winner to say a few words during the event. To keep with tradition, we will be hosting the event in February and the winners will be able to pick up their award after the awards night.

We hope this truly honours the work ALL businesses and wellness professionals are doing in the city and we’d hate to cancel the event due to the pandemic we’re currently living in.

As we did last year, you can only submit one nomination form per email and IP address. Don’t vote with multiple emails or multiple times. We’re using a system to track it better this year and if there is suspicion of this, then those votes will be cancelled. Let’s keep it fair YEGFit Fam.

Please remember to get your votes in by October 31 and also share the link to this nomination form with your friends and clients/customers. (If you are having trouble completing or seeing the survey below, please click here to fill it out.