Beautiful teeth are not only devoid of decay but should also have a healthy color. However, because of the use of certain products, the enamel may turn yellow due to bad habits, which will not make your smile attractive or memorable. Today you can take the opportunity to brighten your teeth not only at clinics and professional offices but also at home. For this purpose, we can use a teeth whitening kit to reduce the discolouration of the enamel.

Not only is it important to find the right combination of whitewash, but also to determine the cause of yellowing. You need to discover the factors that can cause these problems. These factors could include:

  • The patient does not brush their teeth or do not spend enough time on the procedure. In this case, a plate builds upon the crown and can eventually form tartar.
  • With bad habits, especially smoking, the teeth are constantly attacked by corrosive substances and the resin does not come off the enamel even when brushing.
  • If you regularly drink coffee, tea and other colored beverages, even after careful care, the patient may not get a good enamel color;
  • Genetic dispositions – even with the most expensive toothpaste, sometimes you can not make your teeth beautiful because of heredity;
  • Regular consumption of berries and other pigmented products , especially during the summer months, can lead to discolouration;
  • A passion for soft drinks and other carbonated beverages allows pigments to penetrate deeper into the teeth, which can also cause serious damage.

Crystal Whitening Kit:

While this complex is one of the best, patients need to be prepared for temporary discomforts, such as high sensitivity to teeth, white shadows on the gums and increased irritability. To reduce the risk of such problems, it is recommended to use soft toothbrushes and toothpaste to treat sensitive teeth within the first few weeks of treatment. It is recommended to avoid sour and spicy foods.

Pearl Smile:

For the sake of the patient, all the necessary tools for the procedure are included in the kit. It contains special beaded napkins, silicone sleeves, UV device, and the gel itself.

To achieve the desired results, all teeth must first be wiped of plaque and saliva. After cleaning, push 1/3 of the white component gasket into the tray and place it on the bulb. After the silicone pad is mounted on the teeth, turn on the bulb for 10 minutes. Then turn it off for 30 seconds and turn it back on for 10 minutes. This should be done for half an hour with the gel.

Brilliant Teeth Whitening:

This kit does not contain hydrogen peroxide, so it can also be used with sensitive teeth. Apply the kit as required for one week.

First, you need to apply a special solution in the composition of the product on the enamel. This is done using a pencil with a soft tip, which allows you to not damage the gums or enamel. After, a clarifying gel is applied to the silicone plate and the mouthpiece is inserted into the mouth. After 10 minutes, the plate must be removed from the oral cavity. You must also choose a healthy diet to avoid cavities after this procedure.

The remaining gel is wiped with the help of separately purchased wipes or with the help of medical paste from the same manufacturer. In this case, do not leave the chemical on the teeth for more than 15 minutes, so as not to provoke severe irritation and aggressive effects on the enamel, which can cause erosion.

Global White:

The system is affordable and works well. It can only be used on natural teeth to prevent breakage or oxidation of synthetic materials during repair and treatment of an affected crown.

It contains a potent white matter component, so the program itself will take no more than five minutes. According to the instructions, it has no abrasive effect on enamel, it can eliminate yellowing and darkening caused by the use of dyes, and aging caused by smoke on the enamel.

During treatment, first, clean all teeth from the plate of food debris. Then the gel should be dispersed in a strip of approx. 3 mm thick in a conventional manner. Then the mouthguard is placed on the upper and lower teeth for five minutes. To achieve good long-lasting results, perform one or two procedures every two weeks. Remove the remaining gel with water or toothpaste.