Best & Worst Foods A Person Can Eat

Some brands are made up of nearly 45% sugar. If your favorite box has a comic on the back, check the nutrition label stat! If there are 8 g of sugar or fewer per serving, you're fine. Otherwise, it's time to terminate that tiger. Rating: C

When a whopping 64% of calories come from fat, even a low-carb marketing makeover can't turn this cash cow into healthy food. Cruise home and grill your own. Rating: F

Yes, it's calcium- and protein-pumped, but this lumpy cheese isn't quite as wholesome as you may think. A cup of the curd packs 918 mg of sodium--more than 35% of a healthy daily salt intake--so if you have high blood pressure, limit your intake. Rating: B

With just 35 calories and 40 percent of your daily vitamin C apiece--plus a bounty of cancer fighting lycopene in every bite--tomatoes are one of the best vegetables you can eat, even if you have to resort to getting them as sauce on your slice. Rating: A

Italian docs recently found that guys who ate a small 6-inch pizza once a week had a 22% lower chance of suffering a coronary than patients who rarely touched the stuff. Rating: C

Drive-up chili is a good source of protein and slow-release carbs. It's also an excellent source of fiber, with a single-cup serving packing nearly 10 grams or artery-clearing, appetite controlling fiber. Rating: B

Keep the meats lean, the vegetables plentiful, avoid mayonnaise-laden toppings, and this ship's a go. Rating: B

At 27 g of protein per skin-and-boneless 3-oz breast, chicken is one of the best muscle foods on legs. Rating: A

Are they the new "cancer sticks"? Possibly, thanks to the combination of frying and a cancer-causer called acrylamide in every fry. Rating: F

The iron in spinach is spackle for your sinew, helping to rebuild the muscle-tissue that strength training tears down. Rating: A

An apple a day could keep a hacking cough away. Studies show that apples help to counteract damage from inhaled cigarette smoke. Rating: A

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