Are you growing tired of trying to run your fitness studio business with MindBody? Tired of juggling multiple add-ons, logins, and other issues? We don’t blame you-you already have a lot on your plate and yoga software is supposed to make life easier, not cause you more headaches.

As an independent fitness studio owner, you need a lot to run everything efficiently, including free data migration and an easy to use interface from MindBody, and a specialist who is committed to you and your business. Wouldn’t it be pleasant also to get marvelous rewards like a program that automatically motivate your customers to write good reviews and then share them on their Twitter feed and Facebook account for their family and friends and to see? After all, there is no credible form of marketing than a faithful customer’s word. Perhaps you need a custom app to create your brand awareness. But where the best place to find all of these features is, and how much will it cost your business?

Of course, wading through a myriad of fitness and yoga software alternatives can be confusing, tiring and a most of the time suck. That’s why we provide you with a concise rundown on alternatives to MindBody software, so you can make an educated decision when you select software to streamline your business.


TeamUp┬áis the most recommended gym management software for boutique gyms, studios, boxes, and personal training businesses. Since 2012, TeamUp has taken the complexity out of running a fitness business and has built a platform that is focused on providing gym and studio owners with best customer experience for their clients. With features including intuitive reporting, pain-free payments, and a detailed calendar with an easy-to-use online booking system, as well as the top integrations including Zoom and Zapier, fitness businesses worldwide are consistently choosing TeamUp as their management software. It doesn’t hurt that their price structure is based on the number of active customers a business has, not on the features they need.

Perfect Gym

A comprehensive, high-tech club management solution for fitness clubs, sports facilities and yoga studios, which encourages many business owners around the world to reach their professional superiority.


Offering many of the same favorite features as MindBody, PerfectMind is another web-based alternative for managing your fitness studio. It features 24/7 customer support, integrated marketing tools, scheduling tools and more.


Similar to WellnessLiving, Virtuagym boasts their all-in-one scheduling, billing, and management for your studio. It varies, though, in that you want to pay more per month to unlock more than just the coaching and personal training features

Which is the Best Software for You?

Out of all of these software alternatives (including Mindbody software), You can decide which software is the only one gets your attention and gives you and your business the all-in-one easy to handle interface you need without costly add-ons or extra fees. Nowadays, with everything combined and all in one place, you can waste less time bouncing between apps and programs and reinvest it into what you need and matters to your business!