When picking out equipment for your training studio that you are the owner of, it would be wise to be selective and think thoroughly about which items you need. That is especially the case if you are just opening, and you do not have an enormous amount of space as some other gyms that exist for a long time would have. 

These are items that would be perfect to consider and preferably obtain if you have a gym that is smaller in scale. Even though they are not necessary, have in mind that these basic items and pieces of equipment should be part of your list when setting up a gym for business. 

The Bench

A training bench is an excellent pick when setting up a gym. Since it is an adjustable platform and can be used in numerous ways, when picking it out, you should be able to modify the backrest so you could move it from a flat position to an incline if needed. When searching online, look for ones that are well constructed and can be easily modified. 

You would need at least two of these when opening your gym for business. If you are unsure, look at how people have evaluated the bench you are interested in, and if you think to yourself, this weight bench review is excellent, that is your pick. This item is a must since it is multipurpose. It is suitable for beginners as well as those who already have an advanced training routine. Weight training can be done on it or even simple sit-ups. 

Dumbbells, Kettlebells, And Barbells

These items are the most basic and yet most important gym equipment items you will need. It would be wise to get a set of dumbells that range from very light to very heavy. This is because people with different experiences will use it. They come in various shapes, materials, and sizes these days. 

They can be made out of straight metal to colorful plastic ones, so the choices are limitless. That would also go for barbells and kettlebells. They are also essential for any gym, let alone a newly opened one. They also can come in different weights, shapes, and sizes, so the choice is yours. The best solution would be to purchase all of them with a rack to save space if there is not plenty of it.

Cardio Equipment

The wise thing you could do is to invest in some cardio equipment. If possible, it would be best to invest in a few different types of equipment. In case you do not have such luxury, the first one to have is a treadmill. One that has varying inclines and speed options with heart rate monitoring would be the smartest choice. 

When searching for a perfect treadmill, focus on the ones with virtual tracks and other add-ons if you are willing to spend a little bit more. If you would like to go a step further, you could obtain a stationary bike as well. It is an alternative to the treadmill and a rowing machine. It is good for endurance training. 


By nature, ellipticals are non-impact items. That means that knees, ankles, and back are being protected. This piece of equipment is very useful when tending to seniors and older people in general that tend to hurt their joints. It can provide them with the needed exercise without injuries. The same also applies to those who have any sort of lower limb discomfort or problems with osteoarthritis. Their joints will not be pounded if they were to step into elliptical pedals, unlike using a standard stationary bike or a rowing machine for a workout. 

Before opening a gym, it would be best if you were to observe the audience and define which age group your gym will cater to. That way, the choice of what you should obtain from these items will be easier for you. If you start your business with the target audience in mind from the get-go, you will be able to save money later. 

As time goes by, increasing gradually different equipment types will give you a more comprehensive range of people that will visit, which is, after all, your end goal. These big-time basic items can attract newcomers as well as those who are already well experienced in training. Having that in mind, educate yourself on what will be the best for you, heed this advice or advice of someone who is already a gym owner,  and the only thing that will be left to do is inspire newcomers to exercise.