Bitter Melon is becoming an increasingly researched supplement on the market and many are swearing by the benefits it can bring to people in terms of weight loss and overall health. The fruit had distinct properties that make it known as a powerhouse super fruit.

Bitter melon is grown in Asia, South America, and Africa due to their tropical climates. It has a green color and resembles a cucumber very closely, both in color and in appearance. Bitter melon also has a bitter taste, and should only be taken in consultation with your physician in case of any ill effects it might cause including any adverse reactions to current medication or supplementation.

Bitter melon has actually been used for many decades by Brazilians and Peruvians to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Thanks to his incredible makeup and constituents, Bitter melon is actually more commonly being used in the Western world thanks to its amazing benefits towards overall health.

Bitter Melon Benefits

The first major benefit of bitter melon is its ability to lower and maintain proper blood sugar levels. Bitter melon controls blood sugar levels and prevents it from going too high, leading to weight loss and improving insulin responses. Many women are considering using bitter melon to control weight gain, and even speed up weight loss by controlling blood sugar levels. Bitter melon seems to have a common consensus among researchers that this is one of the better supplements on the market, that is both natural and healthy to consume, for aiding weight loss and suppressing appetite.

The second major benefit of bitter melon is in the possible prevention of important diseases including leukemia. Bitter melon inhibits the enzyme responsible for the development of the diseases, which effectively blunts the body’s response to them. Bitter melon also helps improve blood circulation and removing bad toxins from the blood to purify the body and keeping your skin healthy and bright. Bitter melon is a wonderful anti-inflammatory supplement to add to your diet.

The third major benefit of bitter melon is that it has high amounts of vitamins and minerals, and has almost negligible calories per serving. This makes it a super fruit and powerful supplement for any fitness and health enthusiast looking to remain healthy and lean. Bitter melon is nutrient-packed and therefore improves energy levels, boosts the immune system, and aids in digestion. Bitter melon also allows for clear skin by fighting clogged pores and allowing for clear blood flow.

How to Supplement with Bitter Melon

Bitter melon can be found in many forms and is perfect for use in the form of herbal supplements. This makes it easier for most people to absorb the nutrients and avoid the rather bitter taste. Those who prefer to avoid bitter-tasting fruits will benefit greatly for easy-to-swallow supplements while reaping the benefits of the amazing super fruit.  It is important not to exceed the supplemental dosage, and to always follow the directions on both the package and on your physician’s directions.  

In the case that you want to consume the fruit as a wholefood, you can enjoy bitter melon by juicing it and having a nutrient-dense green drink to kickstart your day every morning. Many green drink advocates will love the addition of bitter melon to the mix, and reap all the benefits of controlled blood sugar levels and lowered inflammation in the body.

Of course, Bitter melon can always be eaten as a whole fruit in its most natural form. Alternatively, it can be used in boiling water as a form of antidote from any illness that Bitter melon is known to cure.

As always, please make sure that the dose is not exceeded to prevent any side-effects. Side-effects include digestive issues including diarrhea and abdominal pain. In general, it is best to consume a maximum of two ounces of the fruit per day to avoid any of these unwanted side-effects. It is always best to consult your physician in case you have any doubts about its use, or if you want to get a professional opinion.

Bitter Melon Benefits and Diabetes

Bitter melon has actually been used as a treatment for Type 2 Diabetes for a very long time. Of course, it’s the ability to lower blood sugar levels makes it one of the most useful fruits to consume for people with diabetes. Bitter melon has three active properties that allow for controlled insulin response in the body and lowered blood glucose levels. These substances interact with each other, and individually, to help control Diabetes and improve sugar tolerance.