Health is wealth as the oft-quoted saying goes. So is fitness. After all, you can’t get healthy without becoming fit first. But as Canada’s economy is currently facing some serious challenges, trying to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle as a citizen in the said country can get very expensive. So does getting injured or sick. You might thus have decided to avail private health insurance. However, with so many Canadian health insurance providers aiming to ease your financial burden, you may be finding it difficult to choose one that’s right for you. You might want to consider getting yourself Blue Cross Health Insurance though, especially as it can offer you the following benefits for your health and fitness:

Allows you to get discounts on health and fitness-related services and products.

As mentioned above, trying to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle in Canada can get rather expensive. Gym membership and massage treatment alone can cost you up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, other health and fitness-related services and products even more so. Unless you’re more than willing to pay for all of the health and fitness-related services and products out of your pocket, you’ll want to get discounts on them using your Blue Cross Health Insurance.  You’ll become eligible for its Blue Advantage program. You’d be surprised at how much money you can save by getting yourself health insurance and using it whenever you have to hit the gym, treat yourself to a massage, or avail other health and fitness-related services and products

Takes care of your financial health and fitness.

Unlike other Canadian private health insurance products, Blue Cross Health Insurance doesn’t concern itself about getting as much profit as it can from its various clients all across Canada. When you avail health insurance from a trusted agent such as Blue Country Insurance if you’re currently residing in the Atlantic Canada region, you’re supporting a local business as the insurance provider there is operating as a non-profit organization. Same goes for all other insurance providers who are under the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans.

Paying your Health Insurance premiums lets you help your fellow Canadians attain good health and fitness.

When you pay your premiums every month, your money doesn’t go solely into the hands of your health insurance provider. Rather, part of it goes to community health initiatives that aim to improve the health and fitness of your fellow Canadians. Nothing beats feeling good knowing that the payments you’re making to your health insurance are going towards a charitable cause after all.

Lets you start small and add more benefits as needed.

Other Canadian health insurance providers might force you to avail of their product despite the possibility that you might not be able to take advantage of some of the benefits included in it in your lifetime. On the other hand, when you get yourself Blue Cross Health Insurance, you can initially start small and get only the benefits that you feel you’ll need which is a good move when you’re still new to the very concept of health insurance. You can then add more benefits in case you get married and have children or experience some other life-changing moment that has something to do with your health and fitness.

You can also put your health insurance on hold instead of canceling it should you decide to switch to who you feel might be a better provider. You have the option as well to restart your Blue Cross Health Insurance in case you’ve eventually change your mind, and you want to go back to using it, thus eliminating the need to find a new one again. Restarting your insurance can be helpful if you’ve gotten injured or sick after you’ve initially put the health insurance on hold.

Lets you file your health insurance claims using your mobile device.

Filing a health insurance claim on your own can become cumbersome as you’ll normally have to:

  • Ask for physical copies of itemized receipts from your doctor or fitness professional.
  • Get a claim form from your insurance provider.
  • Fill out the claim form and attach the itemized receipts to it, and
  • Send your accomplished claim form to your insurance provider’s address either by visiting their office in person or by snail mail for their assessment.

With Blue Cross Health Insurance, you can file a claim using your mobile device by simply taking a photo of the itemized receipts that you’ve asked from your doctor or fitness professional as well as your accomplished claim form. No need to go to your health insurance provider’s office and submit your claim to them or mail it to their address and get charged for postage.


65 percent of all Canadians have private health insurance. You’ll want to get yourself one as well, most especially as your life savings can only do so much to allow you to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and pay for your medical bills in case you get injured or sick. It’s entirely up to you which health insurance provider you want to choose.


John Worthington

John is a health enthusiast who enjoys staying fit. He also works as a writer for some major health websites such as Blue Country Insurance and loves spending time with his friends and family. In his spare time, he loves to take his dog for a walk.