Biohacking is the strategy of managing your biology by using a number of varying techniques. Some of these strategies may seem unorthodox or odd to an outside viewer, however biohackers are known to go to great lengths to improve their functioning. This can include medical measures as well as nutritional, electronic or even physical techniques.

The term “biohacking” actually means the desire to improve oneself. This includes your brain, physical strength and your overall strength. Biohacking is becoming more and more popular and there are even entire conferences dedicated to this topic. Celebrity biohackers such as Dave Asprey are popular leaders in the industry. If you are interested in biohacking then you should keep reading to learn about some of the techniques used by the world’s top biohackers.



One of the most popular methods biohackers use to increase their brain function is through the use of nootropic supplements. So what are nootropics exactly? Nootropics are a very large category of brain enhancing supplements. They work by improving the efficiency of the brain through activation of chemical neurotransmitters and their target receptors.

Most of the nootropics biohackers use are synthetic and fall into a grey market area. Many have not been approved by the FDA but are still legal to purchase and obtain in the USA. There are many popular vendors to buy nootropics online and it is best to choose one that is reputable.



Next, they will always consider their diet and what they are consuming on a daily basis. We all love sugar and coffee. Often times, these things keep us going through the day. But, that does not mean that it is healthy for us. Biohackers understand this. They will eliminate sugar, gluten, colorings and flavorings. Replacing sugar with fats that are healthy is also important. These individuals also make sure that they are consuming meat that has been grass fed and fish that has been caught in the wild.

Have you considered becoming more in tune with nature? Believe it or not, this is important if you want to be a good biohacker. The leaders will drink spring water that has not been processed. They get outside and take in the fresh air by hiking or camping. Considering all of the negative toxins that you take into your body, this is not a bad idea.


Meditation & Well-Being

What is your perspective on life? You may need to change it. We have all come to expect the very best of ourselves. We expect too much from others and we are let down easily. Not to mention that we do not have a high threshold for those things that make us uncomfortable. These things are ruining us. The best biohackers will take a cold shower, meditate and even contemplate death from time to time.

Using music can be a great tool. When you are having a difficult time concentrating or focusing you can use electronic music to enter into a meditative state. Biohackers understand that it is possible to change their brainwaves through a technique called frequency following response.

Other tips that can help you would be to go on a gratitude walk. This is where you will walk outside and feel gratitude for everything that you see. Consider creating a journal where you write down what you are grateful for each day. Finally, write a letter to someone that is really important to you. Read this letter to them and let them know how you feel.
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