Breast implants are more popular than ever, and those devices might be exactly what you need to finally feel comfortable in your own body. In addition to increasing the overall size of your breasts, implants can also create a more balanced appearance. Before you have your breast augmentation procedure carried out, there are a few different choices that you will need to make regarding the type of material that is put in the implants and where the shells are going to be placed.

An Overview of the Breast Augmentation Procedure

How this procedure is carried out depends on a few different factors, and that includes which type of implant is used. For saline implants, an empty shell will be inserted into each breast through a small incision. Once the implants are in the correct position, they will be filled with a medical-grade saline solution. With silicone implants, the shells must be filled before they are placed within the breast cavities. After this procedure is over, the incisions are closed and a compression garment is placed over the breasts to minimize discomfort and reduce inflammation.

Choosing the Right Material

The two most popular materials for breast implants are silicone and saline, and each option has its own unique features. Saline implants have remained popular for many years because they can be placed within the breast cavities completely empty. That means that the surgeon can make much smaller incisions that are easier to hide. The biggest drawback of saline implants is the fact that the breasts often feel much firmer and not as natural as silicone implants.

With a silicone implant, the shell is filled before it is placed in the breast. While the incisions for those implants tend to be slightly larger, some patients claim that they are much more natural feeling. After silicone implants are in place, patients will also need to schedule regular checkups to ensure that the outer shells are still intact.

In addition to those two options, you might also want to take a look at “gummy” implants. Those implants are made from a type of silicone that can stick to itself, and that means the material won’t leak out as quickly if the implant becomes damaged. The improved rigidity and natural feel of “gummy” implants have made them very popular in recent years.

Which Is Right for Me?

To figure out which of these options will be right for your own situation, you should take a closer look at some before and after images. You will also need to consult with a cosmetic surgeon who has quite a bit of experience with this popular operation. One of those medical professionals will be able to give you more information on all of the different options. They can also tell you if you would be a good candidate for a breast lift or another alternative treatment.