If you are unhappy with your appearance because of the size or shape of your breasts, then you might make an excellent candidate for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. This operation continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, and it is a good option for women who would like a fuller and more symmetrical bustline. Here is a quick glimpse at just a few of the breast augmentation trends of 2020 and some signs that this surgery might be right for you.

A “Less Is More” Approach

For quite a few years, fairly large implants were quite common, and many women wanted a big and bold appearance. While sizable implants are still a good choice for some patients, many are now looking for more subtle enhancements to the size and shape of their breasts. Patients often visit surgeons like T. Y. Steven Ip, M.D. for an increase of just one or two cup sizes. In addition to maintaining a very balanced appearance, smaller implants also require a much less invasive procedure.

Natural Appearance

One of the reasons why some people are hesitant about getting implants is because they don’t want to have an unnatural appearance. Every woman’s breasts have a slightly different shape, and there isn’t a single type of implant that is going to be ideal for each of those individuals. With teardrop implants, the surgeon can create a more natural appearance if the woman has breasts that aren’t as full at the top. Teardrop implants are also filled with silicone so that the breasts feel as natural as possible.

Gummy Bear Implants

Within the last decade, gummy bear implants have become a very popular option among cosmetic surgeons and their patients. That type of implant has a slightly rippled texture along the underside, and that provides the patient with quite a few benefits. Over the course of a few years, traditional implants can begin to sag and twist, and those movements might result in discomfort as well as some visual problems. With gummy bear implants, the texture keeps the silicone shells from moving around or becoming twisted.

Under the Muscle Implants

Visible rippling is a somewhat common issue with traditional implants that are placed above the pectoral muscles. That problem occurs when there is a small indentation between the implant and the natural soft tissue, and it can generally be avoided with sub-pectoral implants. Instead of placing the implants on top of the patient’s tissue, some surgeons are now creating smaller pockets deeper within the breasts for the silicone shells. In addition to creating a very natural appearance, sub-pectoral implants also make rippling nearly impossible.

An Emphasis on Health

With cutting-edge medical products and advanced surgical tools, breast implants are safer than ever. Even though the breast augmentation procedure has always had a relatively high success rate, modern patients are very concerned about their overall health. Patients now want their surgeons to use minimally invasive techniques that are going to reduce their risk of unwanted scarring and other post-op complications. Many patients are also scheduling frequent check-ups and MRIs so that they can catch relatively minor problems before they become medical emergencies. With the proper aftercare and a little bit of diligence, the average implant patient will be able to enjoy their new bustline for many years to come.