Andrew Misle is a name known to most in the yoga community in YEG. He is a Sattva Yoga teacher committed to sharing a practice that moves people through the illusions of consequence to connect with a deeper and more authentic experience of self. As he inspires them to find their own “inner revolution”, he combines the workings of body, breath and mind with a dynamic practice that leaves them feeling blissful, present and grounded.

Over the past five years Andrew has overcome measurable health odds placed against him physically and through his journey with Crohn’s disease. His experience serves as testament of how aligning breath, body, and mind through a devoted yoga practice can radically overcome that which seems impossible, as well as awaken innate authentic truths about who you are and why you are here.

Recently, Andrew and his fiancé Laura took a three-month trip, which started with a two week vacation to the ancient cities and desert of Morocco. It has been a dream of Laura’s to travel there for quite some time and although he spends about two to three months abroad or on the road leading retreats and workshops each year it was important for them to also include some time that is strictly vacation – fill up on inspiration and restore. From Morocco they landed in Delhi, India in preparation for a pilgrimage to North India’s sacred cities in which Andrew will be spending two months leading two twenty-day retreats in partnership with Breathe In Life.

When they return back to YEG, he is most excited for the official kick off of summer with the 5th annual Sunrise Solstice Namaskar on June 21st (Summer Solstice) and well as their Sunday Sessions which will move outdoors to Hawrelak Park once the weather is warm – usually mid May.

The idea behind Yoga In The Park came about because at the time no one was offering an outdoor yoga class.

“What I had intended to create was a class that was free for the community, but not only free, that it would be an anticipated class that brought people together to celebrate their practice and the vibrancy of this community,” he says.

There is something really special about going to a class that the transaction is fellowship rather than money. No commerce, no expectations – just a grassroots class for the love of yoga and the community.

“It has become what I look forward to the most in my week and I know for many it has become an opportunity to step out of their regular lives and feel the embrace of the community.”

The outdoor Sunday Sessions are rain or shine events (literally) and often you will find them practicing amongst Pet in the Park attendees, Interstellar Music concerts as well as the many other events that call Hawrelak park home through the summer.

They are also an opportunity to bring local artists and musicians to DJ and play music. Currently there are two resident artists – Lucas Wohlegmuth (aka DJ Woogie) and Sabastian Bolessa (aka The Sherpa) – the multi disciplinary percussion master. These two have become a staple to the Sunday Sessions and Andrew is deeply grateful for what they bring.

In 2013, the same year he began Sunday Sessions, he also created Sunrise Solstice Namaskar which was a sunrise class in the first year starting at 5 am on Summer Solstice in celebration of summer and the longest day of the year and it has been growing strong ever since. In the first year, 150 participants attended and last year we had over 1500 people practicing at sunrise. The class is now at 6:30 am – a more reasonable time to accommodate people heading to work after!

“Every year I have had the opportunity to teach this class alongside the soundscapes of DJ Robindra Mohar,” he says. “This year is the 5th year and we are hoping to create something very special.”

If you are looking for a great outdoor experience in Edmonton – we invite you to give “Sunday Sessions” a try. It is open to everyone, its free, its fun and you will love the music and vibe. There is no better way to celebrate summer in Edmonton.

The Sunday Sessions will kick off Sunday, May 28th and continue every Sunday of summer beginning at 3 pm in Hawrelak Park. Follow the yoga mats & the music to just past the main parking lot by the lake.

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Photo by Deborah Elliott