It is not always easy to visit the gym and do a workout for abs as there are many constraints. You may hardly get time from away  from work to hit the gym and carry on with an hour long workout session. Even if you get time after your job, you may not have the same energy level or enthusiasm to work for those six pack abs. So doing your work out at home might be a good option if you want to save time.

Another reason for working out at home is that in the gym you might not have full freedom to use all the dumbbells all the time as your fellow lifters might need them. So you should buy all the needed dumbbells or you can look for the best adjustable dumbbells which also have many perks.

When you workout with dumbbells, you enable the body to put resistance to the movement of muscle and allow your midsection to enhance the ab muscles. You should try new workout routines in your house which will help you engage your core for the best results. However, you should opt for a good diet as well which will reduce the percentage of fat in your midsection.

Some Home Dumbbell Workouts

If you can opt for dumbbell workouts at home, it has many advantages that are better than traditional ab exercises. Through dumbbell, you can add weight to leap to a new level where the workout will strengthen your abdominal muscles. With dumbbell workouts, you can be assured that your mid-section will have lean muscle mass. Give the following exercises a try to get that six pack:

  • Dumbbell Swing

This workout is a highly successful exercise as it helps in good toning of the mid-section. While swinging the dumbbell, the pressure directly spreads in your mid-section and shoulder. First, you should hold the dumbbell in both hands and then bend your hips so that you can swing the dumbbell between your legs. While sitting in a squat position, you should pull up your hips and swing the dumbbell back at shoulder height.


  • Side Bend

Stand bend is an easy workout that can be easily done at home with a single dumbbell. This exercise puts pressure on the side portion of the mid-section which helps you in getting sleek abs. For this exercise, you just need to stand straight while holding a dumbbell in one hand. While holding the dumbbell, you should lower your body sideways to hit the oblique.

  • Wood chop with Dumbbell

This is an amazing workout which affects the muscles of your side abdomen. It also affects the mid-section muscles of your abdomen due to stretching. To do this exercise, you need to opt for a suitable weight dumbbell which won’t be too heavy. Then you should sit in a squat position and put the dumbbell on one side your leg while holding it with two hands. After this, you should raise them to your head level on the opposite side.


  • Crunch With Dumbbell

This dumbbell move is similar to the traditional crunch exercise that is used in an ab workout session. But if you do the same exercise with a dumbbell,  it will have a better effect on your abs causing better mid-section muscle activation. To do this work out, you must lie down while holding the dumbbell above the chest with two hands and bending the knees. Then you should try to move your upper body by putting pressure on the upper abs.

  • Russian Twist

Probably one of the best workouts for abs and even high profile bodybuilders choose this workout to maintain their abs. It affects the whole mid-section as well as your upper chest. To do this exercise, you have to get to the top of the crunch position and then move the dumbbell side to side while holding down the dumbbell with both hands.


  • Turkish Get Up

This is a strenuous exercise that should be tried after several months training your core. This is a higher level ab workout, but it affects all type of muscle. This workout can be done using different dumbbell weights,  but you should increase the weight according to your advancement in the movement. However, this is not a comfortable exercise, and you should follow the methods correctly to have the proper effect.

  • Waiter’s Walk with Dumbbell

This is an effective ab workout and the movement in this exercise directly affects the mid-section of your abs resulting in a strengthening of muscles. It is important for all ab exercises to target the core activation, and it can be only achieved with a proper method. In this workout, you have to take a heavy dumbbell and hold it over your head with one hand. Then you should move it down and up while walking in a straight posture in your house.


  • T Pushup With Dumbbell

T-pushup is a strenuous abs workout and but it is highly effective as it targets the main core. It is very similar to a pushup, but it also targets the mid-section of your body. While doing a pushup, you have to hold two dumbbells and then go down into a pushup style. But while pushing up, you have to move one hand toward the sky which amplifies the muscles of your abs.


The entire above mentioned workout can be easily done in-house, and if you do it properly, it will provide the same effect as the workouts in gyms.

So doing your work out at home might be a good option if you want to save time. So the best thing you should do is check out the best type of dumbbells, including the ones indoors that might be good in your workplace as well.

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