Here's How To Build The Strength You Need

Let’s face it: Arm muscles are hard to develop—but enviable nonetheless. But there’s more than beautiful than strong arms. If you devote some workout time to developing those lean muscles, you’ll also help other areas of your body—your posture, your overall strength, even reducing your injury risk.
But how do you get sleeveless-ready arms? Well, a few key tweaks in your exercise routine can be a good start. For example, doing the same bicep curl over and over again is fine, but there are a lot more muscles in the arms than just those big, upper-arm strength areas. And exercises in which you pull, versus those in which you push, give you more impact in sculpting better arm muscles.
A few different routines help to develop those arm muscles—and you can do many of them with small, affordable weights that you keep at home. Check out these combinations to put your arm muscles to work.

Here’s How to Build an Upper Body that Does More than Look Great
"Here’s How to Build an Upper Body that Does More than Look Great" on Health Perch

Author Bio:
Kellie Davis ran before she crawled and is constantly feeding her insatiable appetite for competition. In 2009, she competed in her first figure bodybuilding show and subsequently started a fitness blog titled MotherFitness.com to help other moms and career women make positive fitness and lifestyle habits. Her blog spring-boarded her fitness writing career, and shortly after she was in the gym coaching clients. Davis discovered the perfect marriage of fitness and writing, and has since co-authored the popular women's strength training book Strong Curves, launched a handful online fitness programs, and is also the co-founder of GetGlutes.com, a comprehensive intermediate resistance training system.

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