Practically everyone has done acroyoga. A family member takes you for an airplane ride on their feet, you climb up, and next thing you know, you’re flying. Remember how much fun that was? Barrel of Monkeys fun! All you need is two people and a floor. Though it may look like you need to be a ninja to do acroyoga, the truth is that just like anything else, everyone starts at the beginning. Acroyoga is so fun and addictive, you’ll find yourself wanting to get into better shape in order to achieve more advanced moves. When you’re focused and present and the progression of your practice it’s easy to forget hard you’re actually working. Eventually you will be surprised at just how agile you’ve become.

At its most basic level, acroyoga involves, a “base” and a ‘flyer”, though often a third or “spotter” is present to keep everyone safe. Beginners learn to safely enter seemingly precarious poses and postures. These postures flow and transition together in a repeated sequence. The moves are continuous, with no clear beginning or end. Performing these loops, often referred to as “washing machines,” can be a whole lot of fun. Acroyoga works the core, and develops better proprioception as you learn to balance and be balanced, hold body shapes, and move slowly and predictably. It enhances experience through physical skill and creativity.

Because acroyoga involves others, interaction is important. Trust, compassion, and communication are cornerstones of the practice, just as much as physical fitness. The “yoga” part doesn’t just refer to the look of the poses. The practice is an excellent way to examine yourself, connect with others, and respond rather than react to things as they occur. It helps to develop a sense of community.