If you’re looking to succeed on your weight loss diet plan, it’s vital that you take a look at some of the simple ways that you can go about reducing your calorie intake so that you can make fast progress without feeling like you’re on a very strict diet.

If the truth is told, for many people there are some very small adjustments they could make to their normal diet intake that would have a huge impact on the fat loss results that they see.

By taking the time to learn what these adjustments are and then getting them in place, you can see for yourself just how powerful they can be.

Let’s give you a few quick calorie cutting food swaps to think about.

Swap: Granola For Oatmeal
The first great swap to make is to exchange out your usual bowl of granola in the morning for some oatmeal instead. Oatmeal is very high in fiber and completely sugar free, which cannot be said for most granola cereals.

By choosing oatmeal instead, you can easily save yourself 200-300 calories in the process.

Swap: Beef For Fish
The next quick swap that you may want to consider is exchanging fish for beef. While beef definitely is a good protein source in your diet, fish would be a superior option.

Fish is lower in calories so when you’re really trying to get the weight off quickly, it’ll help you get there faster.

Allow beef once per week to help keep your iron intake up, but then have fish or chicken the remaining nights instead.

Swap: Juice For Real Fruit
Another smart swap for faster weight loss is to exchange juice for real fruit. Juice is very high in calories and will produce a rather rapid spike in blood glucose levels due to the lack of fiber it contains, while real fruit is the opposite.

Real fruit is going to be high in fiber and nutrients and will fill you up much more quickly and help to keep you satisfied. Many people make the mistake of thinking that juice is a very healthy selection, but that’s not the case.

Swap: Pasta For Spaghetti Squash
Finally, the last swap that you should consider adding into your diet plan is spaghetti squash for pasta. Pasta is another very high calorie food is and is very easy to overeat on. If you want to maintain that reduced calorie intake for faster weight loss, then squash is the superior choice.

This vegetable can be eaten in much the same way as normal pasta would be, but will help shave off 200 calories or more from that meal.

So there you have just a few of the quick and easy swaps that you can start making today. They won’t really change the overall meal that you’re having, just change the total calorie content and help you move closer to your end goal. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make the biggest difference so always look for these first in your diet plan before making larger-scale changes.