In the United States, 1 in 4 people have difficulty getting uninterrupted sleep. If nothing is done to stop the problem, it will develop into full-blown insomnia. 

The good news, however, is that insomnia is not an incurable disease. More than 7 among 10 people living with insomnia were able to recover. 

When you talk about the potential cure for insomnia, health professionals typically recommend:

  • Avoiding caffeine and sugar
  • Keeping from exercising when it’s near bedtime
  • Getting your TV or any other gadgets out of your bedroom
  • Putting thick curtains to keep light from coming into the room

If the insomnia is tied to a mental or physiological condition, you may also be prescribed with medications such as Zolpidem or Eszopiclone.

Chiropractor and Insomnia

However, you don’t usually think of a chiropractor when you want help with sleep deprivation. 

That’s because chiropractors have an unfair reputation of practicing pseudo-science, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. A research study published in the NCBI website showed some promising results on getting chiropractic help. 

A survey of 154 patients showed that a third of them noticed some improvements in their sleeping patterns after getting adjustments. For people with insomnia, the relief was apparent but only within the next six days after the adjustment. 

Clearly, a more extensive study is needed for more conclusive results.

However, according to, a third of insomnia sufferers have reported experiencing relief after going to the chiropractor. So you have both anecdotal and clinical studies on the positive effects of chiropractic care for people with sleep disorders.

Factors that Affect Sleep

Some people are lucky enough to sleep through an earthquake, hurricane, or short of a nuclear blast.

However, for most people, a good night’s sleep can be impacted by several factors.

  • Stress
  • Problems at work or with family
  • Adrenaline
  • Sugar or caffeine
  • Noise
  • Alcohol
  • Snacking before bedtime
  • Discomfort

Many people take their pillows and bed for granted, and that can be the reason why they couldn’t sleep properly. You can purchase Chiropractic Equipment for Sale that can help give you a good night’s rest. 

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How a Chiropractor helps Improve Your Sleep 

There are many reasons why you should consider going to the chiropractor for a sleeping disorder:

  1. Adjustments can help improve blood flow
  2. Better functioning spine
  3. Proper sleeping position to reduce the stress on your spine and neck
  4. Manipulation on partial dislocation (subluxation) to alleviate pain
  5. Adjustments to relieve a pressed nerve
  6. Restless leg syndrome
  7. Teeth grinding or jaw clenching

The chiropractor can also help manage sleep apnea, a potentially fatal condition characterized by a blockage of the upper airway that temporarily stops breathing.

Unless the insomnia is tied to a medical condition, a person is sleep-deprived because of other sub-clinical factors. The chiropractor doesn’t simply make adjustments but needs to interview the patient as well to rule out the other causes of why they are not able to sleep.