Professional athletes are always exposed to highly demanding and high intensity trainings. It is for this reason that they are also very prone to physical injuries. Unfortunately, being injured can negatively impact their performance. Not to mention the fact that injuries can also have an adverse impact on their overall quality of living. Luckily, athletes can turn to chiropractic treatment for relief and prevention of sports injuries. Read further to find out how chiropractic treatment can help with sports injuries.

How Athletes Can Benefit from Chiropractic Treatment

Many athletes turn to chiropractic treatment especially if they want to find relief from pain, soreness and aches associated with sports-related injuries. The parts of the body that chiropractors commonly work on include the muscles, joints, discs, nerves and ligaments. But you don’t need to suffer from injury first before you can visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment also works best in providing athletes relief from stiffness and soreness. Athletes who regularly subject themselves to chiropractic treatment were found to be less prone to sports-related injuries. Athletes who regularly visit clinics such as Champion Chiropractic have better flexibility and greater range of motions. So, you are less likely to find them being hurt during trainings and competitions. This translates to greater advantage especially to athletes who have to perform in many levels of the competition.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Common Sports Injuries

Knee injury

An injury called runner’s knee is very common among runner athletes. This condition is characterized by pain in one or both sides of a person’s knee. Tenderness near the knee cap can also be felt. A runner’s knee is usually caused by failure to do some warming up exercise. It can also be caused by accidentally twisting one’s knee and running too hard.

With chiropractic treatment, pain is reduced if not eliminated by making adjustments in the spine and hips so that the joints will be moved back to its proper alignment. As a result, the person will more likely to experience a reduction in inflammation and relief from joint stress. Regular chiropractic treatment also does wonders in expediting the healing process.

Shin Splint

A shin splint usually affects the front lower part of the leg bone. Pain is also often felt in between the ankle and the knee. Walking, jumping, jogging and playing basketball, tennis and soccer makes an individual prone to shin splints. In most cases pain is diminished when there’s no movement. But, if left untreated the pain could become more excruciating which leads athletes to stop playing. A chiropractor can help reduce the pain and range of motion by applying appropriate therapies to the foot, calf and ankle.

Strain and Sprain

Strains can be experienced when a tendon or muscle has been torn. This condition commonly affects the back and the hamstrings. Moreover, a sprain occurs when a ligament is torn and will usually affect the person’s ankles and wrists. Some of the treatment procedures that will be applied by chiropractors for sprain and strain treatment are soft tissue massage, electric muscle stimulation, stretches and exercises and hot or cold therapy.


Dislocations are common among athletes engaged in high impact and contact sports. This condition occurs when the bones that serve as parts of  a joint separate. This causes intense pain as well as nerve damage. Shoulders are very prone to dislocation. For treatment, chiropractors will move the joint back to its normal position. For faster rehabilitation, laser therapy, hot and cold therapy, ultrasound and electrotherapy will also be employed by a chiropractor.

Recent studies have already proven that chiropractic treatment greatly spares athletes from the side effects of invasive surgeries and pain medications.